Although we know that we often talk about this topic… We just can’t help it, because we really believe that there is a lot to talk about when it comes to a wallpaper for a restaurant.

In this case, from Muance we launched into talking in a little more detail about those ideal spaces within a restaurant where to place a wallpaper and provide elegance, originality and above all, personality to each corner.


Why choose wallpaper for a restaurant project?


As we have commented on several occasions, the inclusion of wallpaper in a restaurant interior design project is a success for different reasons.

Among them, the easy creation of special corners in the restaurant without the need to add much more; on the other hand, the possibility that you offer the hotelier to change it with relative simplicity; the virality that a good wallpaper design can provoke on social networks, all done by the clients themselves; and of course, the personality that design gives a restaurant without the need to make a large investment.

Main area


When we talk about the main area, we refer to the area where the diners are usually located.

Depending on the style of the restaurant, we can take the opportunity to create a “presidential” area, intended for large groups, for example.

wallpaper for restaurant


Otherwise, we can include the wallpaper in smaller corners, perhaps in bars or cafes.

If we have high walls and ceilings, we can include a wallpaper with a lot of personality, with faces and gold for example, to give a luxurious and grandiose effect to the space.


wallpaper for restaurant


Wallpaper on the counterbar


One of the most visible things for customers in a bar or restaurant is undoubtedly the bar and the counter. It is no coincidence that, in fact, the big liquor companies make important commercial agreements with the hoteliers so that their brands appear right there.

For this reason, we believe that, well organized, it is a more than ideal place to put wallpaper that attracts the customer’s attention while ordering a drink.

The photos will run through social networks.




What about brightening up the bathroom with a work of art?

The bathroom itself, the toilet, or even the waiting hall where long and boring queues are sometimes made, are perfect places to place a wallpaper with original motifs.


wallpaper for restaurant


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