¿Are you the type of person attracted to space and cosmos? ¿Are you a lover of science fiction? If stars, planets and asteroids are your thing; you will definitely be interested in galaxy wallpaper.

Our three actual catalogs contain all kinds of theme designs for all kinds of tastes. Homes are the perfect space to let your imagination run wild. Your home, your rules and the things that make you feel comfortable and at peace.

¿Why can galaxy wallpaper be the perfect match for the interior design of your house?

Our destiny is written. Universe, stars, constellations, the moon… All of them guide us in our daily lives and subconsciously influence us when making decisions. Many of us feel a special connection when we lie down on a starry night to contemplate the sky so it becomes a great idea to reproduce this beautiful emotion with the decoration of a special place at home. 

Imagine it… You arrive home from a very long day of stress at work, you have dinner, you make tea and you play your favorite song while you stare at the wall of your living room. 

Cosmic Wonder Wallpaper


Reference nº MU12103

Cosmic Wonder Wallpaper belongs to our Cobalt Collection. It is a wallpaper that can be printed with several materials like: non-woven, textured vinyl, textile and metallic gold. 

Galaxy Nights Wallpaper


Reference nº MU11058

Galaxy Nights Wallpaper belongs to our Violet Collection. It is a wallpaper that can be printed in: non woven, textured vinyl and textile fabric. 

You can complement Galaxy Nights Wallpaper with: Jixi Haze Wallpaper (reference nº MU11025) and Crust Wallpaper (reference nº MU11072).

  • Jixi Haze Wallpaper:


Reference nº MU11025

  • Crust Wallpaper:


Reference nº MU11072

As you can see, all these galaxy wallpaper can be mixed with other types of wallpaper with a simpler design in order to generate contrast and have a harmonic space.

In Muance, you will find the best qualities for our materials which are considered a luxury product. Also, we will offer you professional advice so you can always have the best choice to fit the space you need to decorate. For more information about these types of wallpapers or others, take a look at our catalogs. Of course, you can always ask us for any type of information or doubt that comes to your mind here.