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Project showcase


Project made by Udesign at the Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Yılmaz workspace, in Istambul. In this project the use of Muance’s murals give an extra luxury and sophisticated character to this clinic. The modern furniture and the golden details adding to our murals give to the clinic a very proffessional feeling. They choose the geometric mural Jixi Haze (Ref.: MU11025) for the waiting room and the clinic space. For the office the mural Flight Effect (Ref.:MU10641) and the mural Indie Days (Ref.: MU11049) at the resting room.

Photographer: İbrahim Özbunar

Jixi Haze -MU11025

 Indie Days – MU11049

Flight Effect – MU10641


Project made by Udesign at Keyvan Aviation Office, İstanbul. In this project the use of Muance’s mural Yanya (Ref.: MU11012) add to the office a powerfull efect, which mixed with the different wall and roof textures and the velvet of the furniture, create a luxury and opulent stay. 

Photographer: İbrahim Özbunar

Yanya – MU11012

Esburg office project held in instanbul

Project made by Udesign. This project match the elegance with the luxury deco. Using pink tones mixed with golden details bring the perfect new look to the Esburg Offices, in Istanbul. In this reception room they have used our mural Yanya (Ref.:MU11012) behind the sofa space, which gives a warm atmosphere to the room.

Photographer: İbrahim Özbunar


Project made by Sonja Appelman from Zus Interieur, she have used our mural to redesign her living room. This collaboration project show the balance of the nature with natural furniture and nude colours. she elegance with the luxury deco. She have used our mural Flight Effect  (Ref.: MU11064) which gives light to the space and a unique and special atmosphere to the living room.

Flight Effect – MU10641


“Galeria IDEALNE INTERIORS”, it’s something out of this world!

The PERFECT INTERIORS gallery is one of the most beautiful places on the map of the Tri-City in Poland. Full of design, glitz and inspiration. They are a premium boutique, selling materials, furniture, lighting and interior accessories; which were selected by the owner and interior designer – Mgr inż. Dagmara Iwańska. Under one roof, they house interior design studios, an interior shop and much, much more…

Responsible for brand identification in the interior: Szymon Neubauer.


Passion Leaf -MU11067 Δ

Tom Tom designhooD

Tomtom Neighborhood located at the intersection of Galata, Çukurcuma in Istanbul, is a prestigious design location with a centuries worth reputation. The neighborhood embraces its own heritage and combines design,,art, entertainment, taste, architecture with the name Tomtom Designhood. Muance was proudly presented by our partners Evist where you can see our beautiful orange Passion leaf (ref MU11067) mural design.

Passion Leaf -MU11067 Δ

lo Hotel del Poblet

A beautiful little boutique hotel situated next to the El Clot Delta close to Barcelona, Spain. The Muance wallcoverings range complimented this hotel exceptionally well, ensuring a wonderful finishing touch of creativity.

Tomorrow -MU11103 Δ

Ubuntu -MU11004 Δ

Passion Leaf -MU11073 Δ

Unspoken -MU11097 Δ

HamM store Istanbul

HAMM is a prestigious designer shop chain in Turkey with it’s flagship store situated in the HOM design center. Muance was proudly chosen for various feature walls.

Living Things -MU11022 Δ

Passion Leaf -MU11073 Δ

Emirsen design, showroom

Living Things -MU11022 Δ


Pedro Ortiz is a leading furniture producer and exporter in Spain. Our Mexicoco design was their main choice, being the eyecatcher during dozens of exhibitions in Southern Europe including Salon del Mobile in Milan.

Mexicoco -MU11016 Δ

Almond Business Suites Nicosia

Almond Business Hotel – introduces the fresh and innovative concept of European Business Boutique Hotels to Cyprus. A concept well established and appealing for its unique style, comfort and business services. Almond Business Suites’ elegance and unrivaled services, comparable only to these European trends, make it the ideal choice for modern businessmen and businesswomen alike traveling to Cyprus.

Muance was used to enrich each and every room in this beautiful business hotel.

Biodiversity -MU11046 Δ

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