Creating a minimalist living room is a good option for those people who do not have enough space and seek to have a collected, simple and functional room.

Minimalist living rooms have been gaining presence in all homes. Not only is the order and quantity of furniture is important, but also using a simple color range. The key is a color as a base, and on top of that color, include one or two more through decoration.

At Muance EU offer endless possibilities for those who want to give a special touch to the walls with wallpapers but following a minimalist line.

What wallpaper is perfect for minimalist living rooms?

If you are looking to give your living room a homely aspect as well as functional, in the Violet collection, you will find the perfect wallpaper to provide simplicity without having to abandon the warmth of a home.

CRUST WALLPAPER – Minimalist living rooms

Exposed brick wallpapers are a trend that remains strong within the sector and meets the specifications of a minimalist style. The Crush MU11070 model from the Violet collection, with white and beige tones, brings neutrality and cleanliness to minimalist living rooms.

SHINE DOWN WALLPAPER – Minimalist living rooms

Natural light is very important in minimalist living rooms. If we do not have natural light, we must try to choose options that provide clarity to create a simple, cozy and ideal atmosphere. White, beige and gold tones are perfect. In this case, we highlight the Shine Down wallpaper in its three color options from the Cobalt collection

Reference nr: MU12067

Reference nr: MU12068

Reference nr: MU12069


The quality and textures of the wallpapers we offer are perfect for creating a minimalist style in the living room. Muance EU, as specialists in luxury design and style, offer you the best choice of our minimalist wallpapers.

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