Today we will show you some examples of wallpapers for restaurants and how to fit them in each of them depending on the type of food served in each one.

It is always said that the most important thing in a restaurant, without a doubt, is the food. However, we must never leave aside other elements such as the staff, the environment or the decoration, because in the same way, they are part of the customer’s experience.

If we comment in depth on the interior design and decoration, the wallpaper for restaurants takes on a special meaning, as it can be the differential mark between one space and another, and can help create an important brand image.



Restaurant wallpapers: What kind of food do they represent?


Logically, the choice of wallpaper must always be in accordance with the place where it is going to be placed. In the case of the wallpaper chosen for a restaurant, it must be consistent with both the decorative style of the premises and the type of food served there.

Muance luxury wallpapers offer a wide variety of options. The different materials, versions, designs … It gives us the possibility of making spectacular combinations, as well as finding a modern wallpaper that fits perfectly into the restaurant’s atmosphere.


Oriental Restaurants: birds and gold notes

If the project in front of us is an oriental restaurant, we believe that it is evident that we will go directly to our selection of oriental wallpapers, where birds, bright colors and golden notes are the protagonists. You can find all of them in our Violet Edition.



A Chinese restaurant or a small Japanese tavern can find the difference with the rest of its competitors with its culinary specialties, but what about the complete experience that we offer the client with a mural like this presiding over the premises?


Italian restaurant: Works of art on the walls


Botticelli, Da Vinci, Tiziano … A Renaissance image comes to our mind accompanied by a soundtrack that reminds us of the famous Italian opera.



A delicious recipe for spaghetti alla carbonara, a margherita pizza, a good red wine … Let’s imagine that moment, when the diner enjoys these delicacies while admiring one of our murals, both present in our Cobalt Collection.


Cuban restaurant: Let’s enjoy the palm trees


The heat is coming and we are drawn to those warm and fun cultures that are on the other side of the ocean.

Cuban food is really famous all over the world. The “ropa vieja” and the mojitos with their special rum are always present in the restaurants that their ambassadors, with all their love, have founded in different cities.



These tropical wallpapers are just perfect for this kind of places.



Why include modern wallpapers in your project?


In addition to completing the diner’s experience as we have commented previously, including this type of mural in a restaurant can really be a differentiating element among the competition.

Let’s not forget that we live in the age of social media. Having such a striking mural inside the restaurant, complementing it with a small marketing campaign, can make the space be shared by users on Instagram, for example, thus obtaining an important reach and generating greater relevance to the place.

In this way, we will attract more public, and we will be able to offer an ideal environment to accompany the true protagonists of the place: the traditional dishes.


If you are interested in our wallpapers or you are planning a new project for a restaurant, please, do not hesitate to contact directly with us. We will advise you in every step of your project and we will give you the best options.



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