Our home is a refuge. It is the place that gives us peace, happiness and allows us to rest. For this reason, we consider it very important to define the home styling  according to your tastes and the functionality that you want to give to each of the rooms.

No matter how many rooms or spaces your home has, it is recommended that everything follow the same style. Still don’t know what home styling you want?

Aspects that you should take into account before choosing the home styling

  • Use current trends as inspiration and combine them with your own tastes.
  • Be clear about how you need and expect from your home.
  • Don’t base the style of the house according to current trends, you must think that you have to feel comfortable and that you will live there.

The most demanded house styles and the wallpapers that would fit perfectly


  • Contemporary style.

The characteristic elements of this style are straight lines, geometric shapes and the use of wood, metal and stone.

From Muance we advise you to include some of the following wallpapers in the style of your home:




  • Mediterranean style.

The main color of the Mediterranean style is blue. Adding blue elements (cushions, vases, frames, pictures) to your home is an ideal option. To make them stand out, the wallpaper must provide light and beige and white colors must abound.




The quality and textures of the wallpapers that we offer are perfect for the style of home that you want. Muance, as specialists in luxury design and style, offers you the best choice of our wallpapers. For more information about this type of wallpaper or others, visit our blog. You can also visit our website to choose from a wide range of minimalist living room wallpapers.