The darkness in a place is not always a way of say something bad, dark or sad. The dark wallpaper colours represent much more than that, as luxury, comfort, and quality. Also, the dark spaces transmit us a clean and focus atmosphere where can take place a lot of different activities.

This kind of colours can be combined with different styles:

  • Minimalist style with furniture in neutral colours
  • Luxury style with metallic and golden details
  • Industrial style with wood and iron elements
  • Creative style including colourful elements as carpets or pillows.

Dark wallpaper in kitchens and bathroom

These home areas could be thought as a less sophisticated spaces but if you put a dark wallpaper and combine it with white or light furniture and metallic details you can have a new space where you will want to stay all day long.

It is very important to appreciate all our day moments and in Muance we are aware of that. Enjoying our relaxing bath moment or our cooking time will start to happen with these decorative changes.


Luxury living rooms

The dark colours in our walls are always a good option. The concept of dark is not the same as say black colour, in Muance you can find all kinds of murals ins dark colours representing, nature, geometric forms, special elements, animals…

Two of the most popular and attractive dark murals to use in the area where we make memories with our family or friends are the live murals representing faces and animals:

With these live elements in the walls you can feel the space alive and that invites to spend more time in it and feel comfortable there.


Bedrooms with dark wallpapers

Our rest time is something essential in our daily routine and because of that we should create the best space to sleep there.

The darkness in the rest moments help us to relax, disconnect at the end of the day and have our best dreams.

If you like the light rooms but you want to take our advice, put the back wall with a dark mural and add some light element in the other areas and your relax and rest time will increase their quality.


Shine with Muance’s dark wallpapers

If you are looking for the perfect mural and have doubts about which one is the perfect one for your project do not hesitate in contact us. We are willing to assessor you in all your ideas and make them come true.