Next month the spring comes to us with a new atmosphere, vibrant colours, and the arrival of the flowers.

Our flower wallpapers are inspired in this season, in which also in the darkest moments, you can breathe the harmony of the spring.

Flowery wallpaper

A benefit of this kind of murals is that you can put them in the space you want and the effect will be amazing. You can breathe the essence of the nature and imagine an ideal place to be.

The Muance’s spring wallpapers can convert an empty room in a complete space only with the mural itself. This happens because all our murals have the capacity to evolve in a new world the spaces and can convert any room in a garden full of inspiration and good vibes.

Spring wallpapers

Between the flowers and the spring colours the animals are another main character that appears to be there and make the gardens get alive. We represent that situation and you can feel the life scaping from your walls and getting around your home.

Spring colours

In spring all fresh colours are welcome but the essence of this season in represented by the colours green, blue, yellow and pink.

On one hand, the green and blue because of the green fields, the trees with new leaves and the blue of the shiny sky during these months.

On the other hand, the yellow and pink of the flowers, the colourful clothes we start to use, and the shine rises that we can appreciate at the end of each day.


Spring wallpapers in the interior design

To combine this kind of murals we have to take in to account different tips:

  • Acclimate your mural and their colours to your space, all details matter.


If you want to combine a colourful mural with colourful elements, you must be cautious with the size of this elements and the texture because it can tourn a lively room in an exaggerated and disturbing one.

  • Adapt the room to the season.


Although the creation of the mural has being inspired by the spring we usually do not change our walls every season so the most important thing is to adapt them to feel in  line with the period we are living. To do it we can change our bed and pillow clothes in more calid or cold colours. Other option is changing the decoration, some Christmas details, a colourful bouquet during the spring season or a warm blanket in the coolest times.


Muance Spring Wallpapers

In Muance we have a lot of murals inspired in spring season, most of them in our flowery wallpaper and animal wallcovering categories.

¿Do you like a mural but you need some advices? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are willing to help you with all the doubts.