As the new year begins, many of us embark on new personal and professional projects. That is why from Muance, we want to offer you the possibility of creating new ideas and giving new touches to all your projects of the year. Read on, and discover how to create a modern room with the help of modern wallpapers patterns.

Modern wallpapers inspired by Nature

If we take a look at the trends reflected for this 2021 in terms of decoration and interior design, we see that nature occupies an important place on the list.

We can find tree wallpaper, like Honolulu Sky; floral wallpaper, such as Lost World or Congo Bongo; or even animal wallpaper like Echo Horizons.

modern wallpapers patterns

This type of wallpaper, despite being really striking, if we know how to combine it with the right colors and furniture, we can achieve really interesting effects to give a modern atmosphere to our spaces and make them not go unnoticed.

Let’s get exotic: Ethnic wallpapers

modern wallpapers patterns

Using beautiful faces, distant landscapes or wild animals, you can create a truly exquisite atmosphere in any of our spaces.

Let’s imagine a bedroom with white as the protagonist, which provides clarity, elegance and minimalism. But, how to make this room a really special idea?

Let’s use one of those walls as a blank canvas, and put on one of these great wallpapers.

Do you see what I mean?

With Galaxy Nights, our Violet Edition wallpaper, we have gotten close to that modern effect that interests us so much.

Actually, we can test in different environments of a house, a hotel or even offices.

Modern and geometric spaces

Geometry teaches us how to reach the maximum exponent of the avant-garde.

At Muance, we have a whole category dedicated to this type of wallpaper. Undoubtedly, it becomes a really successful type of pattern to create a modern room in line with new trends.

Within this category, we highlight two of our wallpapers that, we believe, fit the description of modern wallpaper perfectly.

modern wallpapers patterns

For instance, our Mexicoco wallpaper features one of the famous Mexican catrinas. However, on one side we can see how endless triangles are piled up, making the orange tones stand out much more.

Actually, Mexicoco could undoubtedly be considered one of the jewels in the crown of our Violet Edition. An ideal modern wallpaper to focus on in living rooms or restaurants.

In the case of Tropicana Spheres, from our Cobalt Collection, we left behind straight lines and triangles to give way to curves, spheres and shades of pink and gold.

The idea of ​​filling an entire wall with gray and pink circles, while combining them with golden silhouettes and shadows that make us think of Miami palm trees, gives our space a tropical, young and, above all, fun atmosphere.

Where do you imagine a wallpaper like this?

Contact us for more modern wallpapers

If you are interested in learning more about our wallpapers or receive some samples in your studio, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form and we will write you right away.

On the other hand, remember that to keep up to date with all the trends, new collections or latest projects, you can register on our portal for professionals.



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