At Muance we like stretching the boundaries of design when it comes to outrages interior wallcoverings. We like to pionier on these subjects too, but of course there are trends that have to be followed somewhere along the line. So we would like to happily share some of our insights on new trends regarding wallpaper and mural for 2021!

Organic design

When we mention organic, we think of naturally occurring and biological living substances that grow in all types of environments. The textures are usually flowing in nature and abstract, but can also be harsh and hard. A few of the materials that we think that will be essential if we think about wallpapers and mural trends for this 2021, can be:


•Reptile skin

•Viral or bacterial growth

•Dense bone textures

•Octopus tentacles

We tend to lean more and more to this type of style due to the fact that the organic shapes are so uniquely appealing and different. Also natural textures is a big thing for most home owners as it brings them closer to nature.

Mixed material design

This subject will start to take off more and more in the upcoming year. To give you an idea of what we mean by “mixed material” design, then you should think of a populair epoxy and wooded resin tables that have worked really well the past year. Popping blue and emerald colors from the resin that combine two large pieces of beautiful dark oak wood, into one. This type of style can be combined into all types of design  Another great example is the Japanese art of Kintsugi, a technique that is used to repair broken pottery with gold.

3D design

Interior design and 3D techniques are starting to cross paths and we think from now on we will see more adaptations of 3D design onto surface design. Usually designers work with flat painted artworks but 3D software makes it possible to create high definition artworks with insane shapes that are unusual to the natural world, giving wall coverings a new genre to work on.

Terrazzo design

This is generally a technique that combines pieces of marble into a solid surfaces using cement or clay. Back in the days it was used as a cheaper method to decorate outside porches but in this day and age the style has been used quite frequently in kitchen counter and table tops. As wallpaper usually has a small delay on normal interior trends, we think that this style will be more of a frequent one in 2021.

So that’s it for our small wallpapers and mural trends forecast for 2021! We hope that it will inspire you for next years projects, big or small!

And remember that, if you want to have more information about our wallpapers or you need to receive some samples for your 2021 projects, do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Happy New Year!!



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