Are you sometimes stressing out and just finding it hard to release tension from that long working day, or even feeling awfully on edge in certain spaces because it feels more like a worn down warehouse basement rather than your relaxing home with easy going vibes?

There are a lot of aspects that one can look at to get more connected with nature now a days, just to destress and reload. We take amazing long walks on a ridge, go mountain biking on your favorite forest route or even do some awesome meditation sessions early in the morning when the sun rises.

Of course there are copious amounts of steps you can take to get your nature groove on, but have you ever thought of bring nature into your home? Ok sure, everyone can go out to the local garden store and buy a beautiful banana plant with tropical leaves, but let’s review a view of our tips to show you how to create a amazing natural “habitat”.

Muance’s wallpaper nature for create a relaxing space

With the stunning digitally printed wallpaper nature from Muance, it’s quite possible to get that eased and natural effect that you are looking for after a long day at the office. Or wait, talking about offices, we can do those too.

So what do you have to do to get that nature look and feel zen again? Here’s what you can do:

  • Get rid of unwanted things that make you feel anxious for no reason.
  • Define your interior based on a earth tone Include colors like beige, sandstone and bone.
  • Add feature colors (no more than 10%) like dark green, honey yellow or soft pink (just because you can).
  • Include one of Muance’s “easy going” wallpaper nature as a feature wall in your space, this will give it that extra natural effect that you are looking for and will transform it immediately. If you have found a design that you like but prefer a different color, no problem! Our studio can help you edit the design slightly to make it suite your interior better.
  • Choose textures and materials that suite your “new” easy going and natural style. These could be:

Rough Wood


Linen fabric



  • Plants, plants, plants…we can not stress enough what kind of impact this has to enhancing that natural groove in your interior space. Visit your nearest garden center and get some amazing greens to add to your new “habitat”.
  • Create a “you” corner. This could be a spot that’s just for you and only for you.
  • Choose a corner that overlooks your new calm interior, preferably you should add a beanbag of some sorts where you can just crash down and relax. Add a few good books to the mix and you are sorted.

Wallpaper nature projects and ideas

Project name as Modanisa designed and made by UDESİGN Architecture

Ok so there you have it, those are a few fundamental tips that we have created here at Muance that you can use to create your new space with wallpaper nature. Although remember to actually get out there and enjoy what nature has to offer, and take care of it while you are there 🙂

If you liked some of the ideas proposed for your designs, contact us to find out!




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