¿Why nature wallpaper? Connecting with nature is a basic aspect of the human being. The fact that, as a society, we increasingly tend to live and move to cities because these offer plenty of job opportunities and a style of life full of fun and leisure plans; we are slowly getting away from nature.

This is why we believe in the benefits of incorporating natural elements into our houses´ interior design, like nature wallpaper, in order to reconnect with nature. 

When you add nature inspiration to room design, spaces gain freshness, relaxation and a positive energy at the same time that makes the ambience more alive, warmer and gives it a sense of strong personality. 

Benefits of reconnecting with nature through nature wallpaper: 

1-Health benefits:

Having nature decorating elements has proved to increase capacity of concentration and performance. Simultaneously, it reduces stress and harmonizes the environment. 

2- Connecting with yourself:

In general, feeling direct contact with nature helps us to connect with our deepest thoughts and feelings. Therefore, natural elements such as nature wallpapers will help us to achieve emotional balance and self-awareness. 

3- Plants´ versatility:

The presence of nature in rooms with its colors, its contrasts and textures makes it easier to combine it with furniture and other decorating elements creating dynamic spaces that bring peace to the mind of the person that lives in it. 

At Muance, we look for the surprising factor so we offer styles of nature wallpaper that you have never seen before. They are all inspired by nature and their purpose is to contribute to the harmony and beauty of your house.