Scandinavian interior design has become one of the most popular styles even outside of these regions.

Minimalist environments, where white and neutral colors reign, always leaving some way to the most striking colors, are the protagonists in many houses and commercial premises.

In order to obtain an environment based on the Scandinavian interior design style, we must take into account certain keys. Therefore, it is important to know how to include luxury wallpaper in this style.



Scandinavian interior design: 5 keys to consider when going for this style


What do we have to take into account when creating a space that follows the Scandinavian interior style?


scandinavian interior design

Happy Daze – MU11038


Minimalist design


When we talk about Scandinavian interior design, it is easy for the idea of a minimalist space to come to mind, with not too much furniture or very flashy elements.

We also think of a neutral color range: white, gray and brown are the protagonists in these spaces.

It is true, it is a very decisive key as far as this style is concerned. However, elements such as some striking paintings, the mixture of textures or a carpet of intense color, can create the perfect set.


Really cozy


Scandinavian interiors often have a mix of eras and styles to make the space look comfortable and inviting.

In the dining room, for example, the furniture is usually simple, but candles are often used in chandeliers to give the space some warmth.

The Danes try to incorporate in all aspects of their decoration, the philosophy of the more welcoming and comfortable the better. An example can be a small rug invites you to get in and out of bed.


The importance of contrast


When color is used in Scandinavian interiors, it is often in small bursts or bright hues.

Warm wood tones and sepia tones are popular in Scandinavian interior design as they are a way to make a room feel sunny and bright without using any bright colors. However, it is common to observe certain colorful elements that break with the neutral aesthetic, for example, in some curtains.


Details in the interior layout


Avoiding a fireplace in the middle of the room is one of the most common things. While in other styles the fireplaces dominate the living room, in the case of Scandinavian interior design it is common for them to be found in a corner, surrounded by some chairs.

The armchairs and sofas, however, will be in a more central area of the living room, leaving some space to move behind them.

Other interesting elements are directly related to the bedding. Different layers of sheets and blankets, combining neutral colors with green or yellow tones, in addition to the different textures, are a very characteristic element of this type of designs.

On the other hand, a large number of cushions can add the final touch to a bedroom arrangement.


Plants and green areas


scandinavian interior design

Flight Effect – MU11064 Check more examples of this collaboration with Sonja Appelman in @zusinterieur


Scandinavian interior design style is quite earthy. By adding plants to your project, you are not only bringing the space to life, but you are also adding precious pops of color in the most natural way.


How to include wallpaper in Scandinavian interior design


Taking into account the previously detailed factors, we can think of some ideas that include including wallpaper in some environments of our project.

But what kind of wallpaper? What patterns and colors to choose? In what areas to include it?


scandinavian interior design

Expansion Theory – MU12031


Choosing neutral colors will undoubtedly be a success. However, let’s not limit our imagination and our resources to modern wallpapers without any type of pattern.

Let’s look for simple patterned wallpapers, with elegant details but with personality, and that at the same time can combine perfectly with a neutral environment where it seems that everything is perfectly planned.


scandinavian interior design

Growing Terrazzo – MU12016


Also, we can give it a special and truly innovative style without departing from the norm of Scandinavian interior design.

To do this, we can choose one of the empty walls of the space and place a wallpaper on it that will become the main “attraction” of the space, as it will be a visual jewel in the middle of an ocean of neutral color.


scandinavian interior design

Sense of Truth – MU12043


Remember that the combination of the wallpaper with the plants, the wooden furniture and the elements in all neutral, as long as they maintain harmony between them, can be the keys to take into account so that the space maintains the Scandinavian style so acclaimed in the last years.

If you like what we propose and you think that luxury wallpaper can be an option to include in your projects, contact Muance and we will give you the information you need.

As specialists in the Contract sector and in the service to professionals, we offer a great area for professionals, where after registering you can enjoy detailed information and samples of each design.



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