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Sometimes, when including Muance wallpapers in commercial premises such as shops, restaurants or hotels, it is important to review both the style of the place in question, as well as make a selection of the most appropriate types and designs of wallpaper. Therefore, in this post from Muance we want to put certain examples of the type of commercial wallpaper that can best be adjusted to each space, arguing each example by placing it in corridors, stores or large hallways.



How to choose the right wallpapers?


First, we must know what type of project we are facing. Are we talking about a hotel? Is it a clothing store? And then, what is the space we face?

We can choose one style of wallpaper or another based on the place where we want to include it, because, based on this, its amplitude, its light… We will be able to narrow down little by little our options.

For example, what fits the most with a long hallway? What if what we want is to include our luxury wallpaper in the grand entrance of a hotel? But what would we like to see on the walls of a minimalist decoration store?


Patterned wallpapers for long hallways


commercial wallpapers


Patterned wallpapers, with patterns based on curved and straight lines, can add spaciousness and a pleasant feel to any long (boring) hallway.

Depending on the style of our project, we can choose modern wallpapers, based on the odd touch of color that stands out in the space, or on wallpapers with a more uniform style, which in light colors can provide that luminosity that, sometimes, we may be missing in the hallways. An example that usually works quite well could be our “Beyond the Line” design included in our Cobalt Collection.


commercial wallpapers


Wow effect as first impression


In this case, we refer to the idea of ​​captivating your audience from the first moment they step foot in the place.

When we are in front of a grand entrance, there are many elements that we can use to provoke admiration. But, from Muance, we propose to use striking wallpapers, which make the viewer travel and be surprised from the moment they enter in our hotel, our restaurant or our gallery.



In this case, we have focused on a wallpaper whose main element is birds, specifically, in Together One. However, another wallpaper that works very well in this type of space is our Flight Effect bird wallpaper, as it creates that previously commented surprise effect on the “viewer”.



Shops with art and charm


How many times has it not happened to us that we see a striking store from the street and we decide to enter just for its decoration?

It is simple, probably many. We are attracted to the beautiful, the interesting and, above all, the original. In the case of, for example, clothing or decoration stores, we take into account their styling almost unconsciously, so believe us when we say that this can be a very differentiating point in the physical sale of a space.

At this point, we tackle wallpapers with a story or something to tell. We are looking for a wallpaper that seeks to be admired as if it were a work of art. We put, for example, Yanya, one of the oriental wallpapers of our Violet Edition.


commercial wallpapers



Modern and luxury wallpapers for commercial premises


From Muance we want to present you several ideas to incorporate into your projects for commercial premises, so that within our catalogs you will find the commercial wallpapers that best suit the needs of the space.

We remind you that at Muance we have a private area for professionals where you can register and enjoy benefits such as your list of favorites, the customization of wallpapers or the facility to request samples.

If you need more information, advice or are interested in any of our murals, do not hesitate to contact our team.




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