We have talked on different occasions about how well the idea of placing modern wallpaper on the walls of a hotel fits. Today, in the same way, we are going to comment on this aspect referring to wallpapers for beach hotels, where the tropical and warm tones will undoubtedly be our protagonists.



Beach hotel interior design: What to consider?


When carrying out the project of a beach hotel, we have to take into account many factors.

We have to know that light, in this type of hotels, has to enter each space easily and be able to be reflected successfully in every corner, so that the space is correctly illuminated until the last hours of sunlight.

On the other hand, the white and blue tones, but also those warm tones, can be key in the style of the hotel depending on the image and the experience that we want to provide the guest.

It is also important to take care of the furniture. The light wood furniture in neutral tones, as well as the cattail, or even some stone elements, will finish giving the touch we need if we know how to place them.


wallpapers for beach hotels

Tropicana Spheres – MU12070


Wallpapers for beach hotels: Which ones to choose?


In order to meet the requirements that the interior design of a beach hotel needs, from Muance as a luxury wallpaper brand specialized in the contract sector, we believe that wallpapers must be carefully selected based on the above precepts.

Choosing tropical wallpapers can be an excellent option, as well as choosing wallpapers with warm tones or with natural motifs.

It is important to be clear about where to place these wallpapers. The reception, the breakfast area, the corridors and some rooms can be ideal places for the wallpaper for hotels.


Tropical wallpapers


wallpapers for beach hotels

Carlton Gardens – MU12035


Tropical wallpapers add an exotic feel that every guest likes to feel when they are close to the coast.

Palm trees and tropical birds are the ideal elements to preside over one of the walls of a room, as well as the hotel reception.


Wallpaper with warm tones


Because salmon, yellow and gold tones can create the perfect combination in a beach hotel.

The heat, the sand and the music of a ukulele seem to be playing in our minds.

wallpapers for beach hotels

Tropicana Spheres – MU11003



Natural wallpaper


Including elements such as palm trees, coconut trees, plants with gigantic leaves taken from humid and warm climates or even tropical flowers, is an ideal way to “decorate” the wall of our hotel in a way.

On the other hand, if animals are part of the game, then it becomes the ideal combination.

For this, our birds wallcoverings are also an excellent option.

wallpapers for hotels

Growing Terrazzo – MU12016


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