Regarding aesthetics, wallpaper is a fundamental element in interior design for hotels, since with it, we achieve much more than an attractive and striking space. We also create an environment, feelings of tranquility, relaxation and comfort.

At Muance, we believe that the wallpaper in a hotel will help improve the experience, providing elegance and avant-garde, while adding to the security and confidence that the space provides.

Keep reading and we will show you our favorite designs to include in an interior design project for hotels.



Sustainability, nature and design


If we look at the younger target, the triggers that will make a hotel customer choose one accommodation or another are mainly based on digitization, security and sustainability.

Thinking about sustainability, green tones and flower or nature motifs immediately come to mind. Therefore, we believe that a very good way to reinforce the image of a sustainable hotel is to include a wallpaper that can represent these values. The flowery and natural motifs are ideal for hotels with a younger audience, interested in the aesthetics of the place, at the same time as in caring for the planet.

We present two perfect murals to dress up a bedroom wall, creating a focal point in the space that is easy to combine with paint and furniture. The designs we have chosen are Honolulu sky, in which natural light is essential to accompany the environment; and Lost world, perfect to combine with exotic, tropical and natural decorative elements.




Simplicity for the more mature guest


To dress all the walls of the same design, the choice of neutral and light colors is very important. In this way, we obtain the monochrome style that characterizes minimalism so much. The key is not to overload the space and always maintain a clear and calm environment. In Muance you will find designs according to all kinds of styles, from industrial like Smoke and chalk and oriental like Jasmina.



In this way, we will create a more neutral and elegant space, more appropriate for more mature clients or even business clients, interested in design and comfort as the main elements to take into account when choosing a hotel for their stay in the city.


Luxury wallpaper for luxury guests


We are addressing a demanding client, who enjoys the room  a lot of hoours and who, among other things, loves to show off their travels in photos and Instagram stories. We are thinking here of 5 * hotels aimed at an audience between 30 – 45 years old, fashionable, faithful followers of trends and who, furthermore, are prescribers of the brands they use. Why wouldn’t they do it with the accommodation?

Therefore, we offer wallpapers that create a WOW effect on the guest as soon as they enter the room or reception. A wallpaper that they want to show in their feed and where they will also label the hotel in question, as it is a hallmark of luxury and status. Our favorites are Nalini and Veni Vidi Amavi.



Muance wallpapers in interior design  for hotels


Finally, we show you some of the interior design projects for hotels where Muance has taken part:




interior design for hotels

Lo Hotel del Poblet – Passion Leaf MU11073


This pretty little boutique hotel located next to the Delta del Clot, near Barcelona, shows off some of the Muance wall coverings in several of its spaces, complementing this hotel exceptionally well and ensuring a wonderful finishing touch of creativity. This project was done in collaboration with Alado Studio.




interior design for hotels




This business hotel introduces the fresh and innovative concept of European Business Boutique Hotels to the city.  Muance was used to enrich each and every room in this beautiful business hotel.


Contact us


If you have some projects for hotels in mind and you think that our designs fit what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be delighted to help you.

In the meantime, you can visit our website and take a look at our Violet and Cobalt catalogs.




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