Today we want to focus on talking about Muance patterned wallpapers.

Each space, be it a commercial premises, a home or a restaurant, always has something characteristic and we know how to make the most of the resources we have to give it that special touch.

When we talk about a room, we look at the size or the brightness; if it is a kitchen, we look for a way to take advantage of the space without losing a drop of elegance in the decoration; on the contrary, if we are in front of a bar, we will look for how to attract the customer’s attention … But, what happens when we have to work on a project related to a hallway?

The hallways sometimes become those great forgotten of our spaces, because we take them as a place of passage in which we will not spend much time. But why should it always be this way? What happens to the busy corridors of a hotel?

In this post, we want to talk about how to use patterned wallpapers in the corridors to be able to turn them into an area as special as the rest.


Patterned wallpapers for office buildings


patterned wallpapers


Creating originality and style without losing elegance and seriousness can be a challenge in the interior design of an office building, starting with the first impression of the person who enters it.

The hall and the corridor are the first places that the visitor will see, so it is important that we create a space in accordance with the company style that presides over the building.

However, if we are facing an office building project for different companies, the ideal is to maintain a neutral effect. For this, wallpapers like Geodile or Uncensored are the right choice.




Patterned hallways in stylish homes


patterned wallpapers


The hallway of the house can contribute much more than we think to the general style of it.

Using wallpapers stamped with plants, animals or trees, and combining them with simple furniture in shades that accompany the mural, we can make small corners that serve as decoration or to leave items such as house keys, especially if the hallway comes from the entrance.

For this type of project, we propose the Jasmina wallpaper.



Charming hotel corridors


In the case of a hotel, clients continually pass through this area, either to go to their room after their sightseeing, to go down to the breakfast room, or to go to the SPA.

Therefore, it is important not to despise this area at any time, since it is an opportunity to keep the client interested and happy, as they will appreciate the smallest detail, especially if we talk about luxury hotels.


patterned wallpapers


Here we highlight patterned wallpapers such as Lost Exposure or Milton Dew.



Dare to other hallways with patterned wallpapers


Patterned wallpapers can be applied in countless spaces and corridors, regardless of the style of the place.

We leave you here some examples to inspire you and, do not forget to check also our projects!




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From Muance we encourage you to use this type of patterned wallpapers to include in your projects so that you never forget to pamper each of the spaces in the place.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us, and remember, register in our professionals area to obtain different advantages, such as detailed information and samples of our murals.




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