Do you want to give your home the exotic air of the Eastern countries? Our oriental wallpapers invite you on an exciting journey to the fascinating Orient. You will come across cherry blossoms, cranes, mountains and cyprinus carpio koi fish.


Start by escaping the stresses of everyday life in search of peace and harmony. Now think about how your home helps you escape. Do you calm down when you get home? Do you unwind when you lie down in bed? If not, Japanese designs are right for you. The motifs of our oriental wallpapers will enhance that connection with yourself that you lose throughout the day. In addition, the subtle colors will help you recreate comforting spaces that generate harmonious and calming effects.

oriental wallpaper


Asia is inspired by flora and fauna and this is the reason why you will find cherry blossoms, cranes or koi fish in our wallpapers. The flower called “Sakura” means a lot in Japanese culture because it represents the samurai who fell in battle. In addition to this, the short duration of the cherry blossom makes this flower the most special. All the subtlety, delicacy and beauty of the ethereal that it represents for the Japanese is what our designs try to evoke.

Our wallpapers include illustrations of the magnificent Japanese cranes too, famous throughout the East for their spiritual charge. As a large bird, it is seen as a prediction of happiness, love and loyalty. It stands out for its elegance and majesty. Our MU11012 design reflects all that this symbol means to an entire continent.

oriental wallpaper

We travel from swamps to ponds, where the Koi fish lives, a symbol of love and friendship. You’ll see koi fish in artwork, tattoos and even on our wallpaper, and it’s because of their significance. The koi fish has a powerful and energetic life force, demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents and even travel upstream. This makes it associated with characteristics such as success, prosperity, ambition or perseverance.

As you have observed during this journey, Japanese culture is full of symbolisms that try to guide people towards the inner world. In decorative terms, these elements seek to eradicate calm and instill a sense of harmony. However, to facilitate relaxation you should avoid opulent decorative elements that hinder thoughts.

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