When we talk about modern interior design we can refer to various models of space that combine different textures, materials, colors…

Specifically, when we talk about modern interior design we are thinking about lines, basic shapes, neutral colors, and above all, clean and simple interiors.

Scandinavian interior design can undoubtedly be one of the best examples to consider.

However, despite seeking this simplicity, the combination of all these factors can be carried out without a doubt by providing certain corners of energy and personality to the spaces. Thus, within modern interior design there are different styles, and Muance modern wallpapers can help you create each of them.



Types of modern interior design


As we said, within modern interior design there are different styles to highlight, which differ from each other by furniture styles, colors, materials… In addition to the aforementioned Nordic style, now we are going to focus on the wallpapers that could fit for Kinfolk, Boho, Industrial and Ethnic styles.


modern interior design

New Divide -MU12001



Wallpapers for Kinfolk style: Simple and natural


The Kinfolk style is inspired by the Amish community, so austerity and nature have to be two of the most relevant elements in the space.


modern interior design

Pointing things out – MU12079


The combination of colors such as white, beige and green tones or earth tones, will help us create this style.

If we use wallpapers without too many patterns, being next to wooden furniture or even certain pieces of crafts, we will be hitting the nail on the head.

For this, the Pointing things out wallpaper is really ideal.



Wallpapers for Boho spaces: artistic and unconventional


While there are no rules when it comes to bohemian decor, warm earthy colors are common, as are metallic and jewel tones. Strong browns, greens and grays for base colors, then accessories with electric blue, fire orange, satin purple, are ideal to achieve the Boho style. Feel free to mix textures, patterns, and don’t be afraid to wear styles that in a traditional way wouldn’t fit.

Therefore, we have total freedom when choosing the wallpaper. We can dare to freely use colors and patterns.

modern interior design

Yanya – MU11007


Industrial style: Bricks and cement


modern interior design

Crust – MU11070


One of the most trending modern interior design styles in recent years is undoubtedly the industrial style.

The combination of white and gray colors, as well as the use of the effect of brick or cement when joining it to metal furniture, makes this style one of the most demanded by customers.

In this case, our star wallpaper is undoubtedly Crust.



Ethnic style: Character and tradition


The ethnic style (which does not necessarily have to be Arabic or Japanese) is based mainly on the use of traditional or characteristic elements of a specific area.

For this reason, from the use of ceramics to the carpets with wild patterns, passing through the statues of Chinese warriors, these are elements that will undoubtedly give the space a really personal effect.

From Muance, we then propose wallpapers with a lot of force and a lot of power, that make us travel to a distant land just by looking at them.

modern interior design

Nalini – MU12004


In this case, Nalini is our most appreciated option, since that big face with its prominent golden lips undoubtedly evokes an African tribe and the wild savannah.



Muance: Modern and luxury wallpapers


At Muance we have a wide variety of wallpapers that can be combined so that you can create an infinite number of styles. We recommend that you take a look at our designs and, if you want to have us for your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also register in our area for professionals to receive detailed information about our news. For example, did you know that we are launching our third edition?



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