With the arrival of December and the Christmas holidays, it seems that red and green tones shine through our streets, houses and shops. But, if there are other colors that are totally important and essential, those are gold, copper and silver. In short, the metallic tones, those that give our spaces the long-awaited WOW effect at this time.
So, how to include metallic tones in our spaces? Read on and discover our metallic wallpapers to give your spaces the desired WOW effect.

Elegant and timeless

Metallic wallpaper offer us a real touch of distinction. But, depending on the project, it is important to choose a style that does not clash too much with the rest of the environment.

Designs that include industrial elements such as brick or cement, are the perfect solution to give light to your projects, whether in houses, hotels, shops or restaurants.

Our metallic Crust wallpaper offers the possibility of combining modernity, neutralism and avant-garde, with the possibility of choosing it in any of its versions.

On the other hand, the Beyond the Line metallic wallpaper gives us simplicity and that special touch that geometry combined with metallic tones creates in spaces.

Enigmatic Spaces

The possibility of creating an enigmatic and even mysterious place, without forgetting the elegance and sophistication that metallic wallpaper gives us in each case.

Our Holographic Reflections wallpaper is proof of this.

Metallic threads

The idea of ​​finding a carefully studied and woven metallic tapestry on our walls.

It’s just what Uncensored teaches us. A wallpaper from the Muance metallic wallpapers category, belonging to the Violet edition. It is ideal for meeting rooms or waiting rooms.

metallic wallpapers

Do you have a lot of ideas to shape in your 2021 projects?

Contact Muance and we will immediately offer you all the necessary information to be your partner during this next year.



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