Today we bring you a theme that we are sure you will be interested in: Luxury wallpapers for luxury kitchens.

Why should a kitchen be like all the others?

Kitchens are rooms that are of key importance in any home. We spend time in them, cooking, talking and in many cases, it is used as a dining room as well.

Why offer the customer a cold kitchen with no personality when we can design a luxury kitchen?

Keep reading, we propose new ideas that you will surely love.

Suitable materials for kitchen wallpapers

It is very important to take into account the type of material we use when choosing a wallpaper for a kitchen, as we know that it is an area of ​​the home where there are changes in temperature, odors, proximity to fire and the possibility of stains.

In this case, we believe that within the materials and textures available at Muance, the most appropriate for use in kitchens would be Non Woven.

This material is a matte non-woven paper, very common and recommended for residential use.

Luxury wallpapers for luxury kitchens

It is a really durable product, since in addition to its composition, we highlight that it is covered with an additional protective varnish that makes it have a greater washability and resistant to scrubbing.

Luxury wallpaper for every type of luxury kitchen

Depending on each kitchen, we have to choose well the type of design that best suits the space and that most enhances its virtues.

This time we will focus on small but cozy kitchens; modern and original; and restaurant kitchens that deserve as much prominence as the rest of the place.

Luxury wallpapers for luxury (tiny) kitchens

Sometimes, when we talk about apartments in the center of cities, it is likely that the kitchen is a not too large space, which we must have very well organized and planned to be pleasant.

In this case, wallpapers in light tones, and with not too many elements, can add spaciousness to the kitchen, as well as a special touch that is totally out of the ordinary.

For this, some of Muance’s concrete effect wallpapers can be a good option. For example:

Luxury wallpapers for luxury (modern) kitchens

We can create a truly modern space by combining the elements of our kitchen with a wallpaper that can break all traditional schemes.

Geometric wallpapers can be an excellent option for this type of kitchen.

We also propose bright colors and even wallpapers where animals or other elements of nature are present.

Luxury wallpapers for luxury (professional) kitchens

Now let’s think about a restaurant kitchen.

If part of our kitchen (or the entire kitchen in the case of showcookings) is seen by our public, why don’t we dare to dress it like the rest of our restaurant?

Let’s think about what kind of restaurant and food we serve, and let’s use faces, oriental motifs …

A really distinctive touch.

Invent your own style

It’s time to get creative and offer your clients ideas that they hadn’t thought of.

Let your imagination run wild and check out our wallpaper categories.

Choose the floral style for a more vintage or more romantic kitchen; the metal for more elegant kitchens; wood for kitchens in more rural environments; and why not? Improvise, mix and discover new styles.

Contact us through our form. Ask for more information, samples, or tell us your idea so that we can advise you.