Sometimes we do not know how to include certain golden tones in the decoration of a space. Today at Muance we want to give some examples of golden wallpapers for home decor, without being too ostentatious and maintaining the elegance and originality that characterizes our luxury wallpapers.



How to combine golden wallpapers with the other elements?


It is very important to learn that, sometimes, less is more. If we just include a lot of golden areas around the whole space, maybe we are creating a really confused stay, so people will not probably appreciate the beauty of the wallpaper and the set of all the elements.

That’s why we propose you to combine the golden notes in a wallpaper with other shapes and motifs, for example, with geometric shapes.


home decor

Wall of Madu – MU12010


Gold in geometric wallpapers for home decor


Like we saw on the last wallpaper, when we combine the green tones with the golden triangles, we are creating a really interesting 3d effect that applied in a living room, for instance, will undoubtedly gives elegance to the stay.

Inside this category, the combination of colors, lines with the golden tones, creates an special game of lights and shadows, really appropiated for an spacious hall.


home decor

Holographic Refelctions – MU11091


Gold in flowery wallpapers for home decor


Flowers and gold are two elements that, well placed, bring light, sweetness and sophistication to a home. However, we must be careful, because if we overuse them, our project can become a space similar to that of a dollhouse.

In the different categories of modern Muance wallpaper, here we highlight, of course, the floral wallpaper and the oriental wallpaper, as they are the categories with the greatest presence of golden tones and floral motifs.



Gold in Africa wallpapers for home decor


Our African motif wallpapers are ideal to combine with gold tones.

The shadows, the lips of a face, the clothes, animals … All these elements form a perfect tandem to show off elegant and majestic golden colors on the walls, thus creating a really interesting and original space that is hardly found in any home.



Places in the home to place golden wallpaper


Really any space in a house is ideal for placing gold wallpaper. However, we have to take into account the style we want to give to each room and, take into account that the type of Muance wallpapers that have certain golden notes, can be too elaborate designs for a corridor or a small room, for example.

We are more inclined to use this type of wallpaper in areas such as bathrooms of a more or less large size and without too much furniture; living rooms with wood-tone furniture; on a wide wall off the master bedroom…



Muance: Modern and luxury wallpapers for your projects


At Muance we are specialists in the contract sector, although we advise and provide wallpaper to all professionals who want to include our designs in their projects, as we have a long list of works that support us by collaborating with different interior design and architecture studios.

If you are interested in having more information about our wallpaper, do not hesitate to contact us or you can even register in our area for professionals to obtain advantages such as samples and all the data of our wallpapers and available materials.



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