So are you interested on a insight for our best sellers? Keep reading for discovering a small selection of our top 5 mural designs that are highly populair within our Muance inner circle!

Ubuntu mural design

Our ethnic Ubuntu design is based on african roots and is focussed on the feeling you get when you tred on African soul. This is how we felt when creating the design. Ubuntu actually means “I am because we are”, and
it’s a African philosophy for the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects huminity.

The design works exceptionally well in darker based interiors. Think of black iron doors or windows, dark onyx marble tops or ebony wood. The snake skin textured incorpated in the design work great too for the
best ethnic feeling.

Living Things design

Our Living things design is a natural and tropical based style with gorgeous pine/crocodile greens with a warm beige backdrop. The design depicts a wonderful world of rich life and lush fauna.

However, you can use this wallpaper in most spaces but, it generally works well in lighter area’s as it can create a “coastal” feeling when lot’s of ligher colors are used.

Mexicoco design

A beautiful “Day of the dead” girl, also called La Catrina with Clay and pumkin orange colors and a flower headpiece. The design was inspired by the Mexican festive period, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead and it was absolutly succesfull with our #muancers that love bold designs like these.

The design works really well with light oakwood floorings, concrete walls/surfaces and gold elements.

Yanya design

One of our popular designs is the majestic Yanya cranes with a small flock of golden birds occumpaning it.

The design works well in neautral area’s but clients tend to order it more for stairways because of where the birds are situated in the design. The golden birds can also be printed on our golden metallic wallpaper, giving them that extra effect.

Carlton Gardens design

The Carlton Gardens mural is a depiction of a lush world with lots of floral and fauna.

The green and beige color combinations work generally well in most rooms and it’s a great way to
quickly transform any space with a natural vibe.

Look at this example. Check how in the office of our friends at Antic & Chic, Carlton Gardens wallpaper brings color and originality to the space.

After checking our top 5 mural designs, now you should visit our variety of wallpapers. If any of them fits your style, contact us!



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