Taking into account that, with the arrival of the pandemic we spend much more time in our homes, as we have commented on other occasions, we spend also more time redecorating our home even demanding the services of interior designers that give our home a new look. For this reason, today from Muance we want to present several ideas about modern wallpapers for home decor and that, without making too many changes, will give a new touch to each room.



Team up with wallpapers for home decor


It is not necessary to make big changes in the space to bring a new point of view to the rooms.

Wallpaper can be, without a doubt, the great ally of interior design professionals (and even amateurs) since, if we know well how to choose the designs and above all, if we know what we are looking for for each room in the home, we can create really interesting environments in an easy, inexpensive and original way.

Therefore, before choosing the wallpaper we want to use, we must first think: what does this room lack? Are we talking about breadth? Are we looking for more light?

Depending on these factors, we can choose, for example, between the following categories:


Striped wallpaper to expand the space


Regardless of whether they are vertical or horizontal stripes, stripes help to visually expand either the height of the ceilings of a space or, conversely, the length of the place.



Stripes, in addition to providing this spaciousness, are very versatile designs that can be applied in different areas of the house, providing elegance and stylizing environments.


Modern wallpaper with industrial effect


The industrial effect brings a casual, modern tone to the rooms.


wallpapers for home decor


The use of a wallpaper with a design that simulates the idea of exposed brick or a concrete wall, creates a very modern and highly valued “urban” effect in new constructions.


Plants, flowers and nature for a different space


That wall where the headboard of the bed rests; the white mural behind the sofa; a small corner in the hall… They are ideal places to include luxury wallpaper with floral and plant motifs.



With a flowery wallpaper or a wallpaper inspired by nature, we are including a work of art in the room with the simplicity of adding it to our wall.


Geometric shapes and colors to brighten up the space



Pink, violet, gold, orange tones… They are colors that will always inspire joy and optimism. Therefore, if we introduce them in different geometric shapes, we obtain very interesting and fun designs to include in housing projects.

Wallpapers with geometric designs are a great option if we want to go a step further in home decoration.


Muance: Modern and luxury wallpapers


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