A new trend present in the art-deco style are the faces. In all their shapes and colours, the faces come back to our houses and spaces to create a modern and different atmosphere.

At the beginning, this trend was primarily focused on the jewellery, but some time later influenced the design of the little-deco with products such as vases or posters, the textile deco as pillows and carpets and finally made it to the wall deco.

In Muance we were inspired by this trend and implemented it into our designs to create something else than simple shapes. This way, we can notice the expressions and understand the feelings that the mural evoque. We can find designs for all kind of rooms, however, we highlight 3 types of spaces with faces wallpapers.



In this case, the goal we want to achieve is to transform a simple or minimalistic room into a  room with an exotical feeling using this kind of murals as the main element.

We can complement it with an exotic furniture and decoration, but it will not be necessary if the wall have all the attention.

Ubuntu – MU11004



Nalini – MU12004

A lot of professionals use different elements like metallic colours or luxury furniture to give some spaces a distinguished or luxury atmosphere. All this elements are combined in one of our murals, Nalini. The figure of an empowered woman represented with dark and metallic tones. Just by itself, the design creates an exclusive and luxury ambience.


All Muance’s murals are designed to inspire. Having a lot of details and shapes help us to imagine different figures all time we look at them.

But as the design becomes more abstract the number of sensations that can convey widens.

This is the case with Kintsugi, a design that shows part of a 3D-mapped face emerging from an imperfect stone, giving us a certain sense of discovery and allowing us to imagine what is to come.

Kintsugi – MU12041

To sum it up, there is a vast number of different ways to include faces in your home but the art resides on understanding the atmosphere that you want to evoque and convey it with the right elements.



At Muance we have a wide variety of wallpapers that can be combined creating an infinite number of styles.

We recommend that you take a look at our designs and, if you want to have us for your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also register in our area for professionals to receive detailed information about our news.



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