Many studies confirm the importance of wallpaper as a decorative element in hotel interiors. One type of wallpaper or another will influence the guest in different ways, even contributing to their hotel experience in one way or another.

Hotels use these types of decorative elements to reinforce their image to the public. For example, a sustainable hotel will immediately choose green tones and floral motifs, whereas if we think of a hotel frequented by a young public, natural and oriental motifs will stand out. 

In this way, the type of paper used by each hotel can be analysed, taking into account two fundamental factors: the type of hotel it is and the place where it is located. The popular rating of each city means that its hotels use one type of paper or another. Below, we show the types of paper used in each city and the main reasons why they are selected according to the values they represent.



The most prominent motifs in the type of paper used by hotels in these cities are floral, natural and oriental. As we have already mentioned, they are motifs that provoke in the guest a feeling of stress reduction and increased concentration, which is essential in cities visited by tourists seeking immense cultural nutrition and, above all, a wealth of historical information related to that place.


Happy Daze – MU11037



In this case, the type of guest expected in the hotels of these cities will be a more youthful public with contemporary tendencies. The types of paper used in these hotels will employ metallic motifs, stripes, or even papers that simulate construction materials, such as wood. All of them are papers that try to imitate the current trends of modern architecture, making the client feel at first sight the visual impact of modernity with these simple, elegant and direct tones.


Crust – MU11071




Similar to the previous case, the type of paper used for hotels located in romantic cities, such as Paris or Venice, will be those that employ simple patterns and geometric figures that symbolize love. Psychological studies confirm that some geometric figures reflect harmony and unity, and are therefore related to commitment and love. This is the case of these hotels, which try to achieve great beauty and elegance, to the point where the guest wants to show them off on their favorite social networks.

Feng Shui – MU11094



Rural hotels have gained a lot of importance in recent years. More and more guests are choosing this type of accommodation thinking about resting and enjoying their free time away from the stress and crowds of the big cities.

Geodile – MU11052

For this reason, the decoration plays a very important role since it must ensure that the guest finds in his room a nice and pleasant space that allows him to disconnect, respecting the environment and the traditional architecture. In this case, it is advisable to choose wallpapers with neutral and light colors that evoke rest. You can also try and bet on wallpapers that simulate materials such as wood and stone and integrate them with the rest of the decorative elements.




Finally, there is a type of paper that predominates in cities that tend to the wild, which are the papers with natural motifs, animals, trees, etc.. This is the case of African hotels or hotels located in places where exotic tourism predominates. The reason for this choice is obvious, these murals symbolize what is experienced there. Guests who live in these types of hotels are looking for a very specific type of tourism and these natural motifs enhance their experience in exotic places where, after sleeping “in the jungle”, they wake up with a great ambition to enjoy the unique places where they are.

Ubuntu – MU11004


Now that you have some of our recommendations, what are you waiting for to make your guests travel even from their own rooms? 

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