We all know that boho interior design represents a trend that is exceeding every year, and not only that, but it is also reinforced and continues to be a style very chosen by interior designers and clients for their projects, especially for homes and some cafes.

Therefore, today we believe that it is interesting to present some ideas to include the murals in this style, choosing wallpapers that fit together and that give a different touch to each of the spaces.

To do this, we must take into account some important factors that cannot be missing in a boho interior design project.



Keys to get a boho style


To achieve that boho interior design that we like so much, we must keep in mind some ideas that our project must fulfill. Between them:

1. Mixes and combinations


Combinations of styles, textures and colors are essential in boho interior design. The fabrics, the works of art, the wood, the carpets … All of them well raised can present that much desired style.


2. Elements that tell stories


If there is a style that tells stories, that style is boho. Using elements that by themselves tell us about an experience is something so magical and so characteristic of this style that it is something that cannot be missed.

Handcrafted gifts, works of art acquired on a trip, vintage pieces …

Selected with care and keeping in mind the colors and the style, they can become a boho key to start a conversation.


3. Handmade and natural


Organic fabrics, handmade rugs, natural wood furniture …

They all fit together perfectly.


4. Let’s make way for the plants


The presence of flowers, plants and their green tones is something important to take into account when setting a space according to this type of style.


Wallpapers for boho interior design


How can we include the wallpaper in the boho interior design, getting the design right in each project?

Let’s see some examples according to their patterns:


Nature wallpaper



The presence of plants, as we said earlier, is important in a space with this style of interior design. Therefore, in addition to having several plants giving those green colors to the space, why not include wallpaper where the figures of plants, trees and nature are present?

Placing a nature wallpaper on a main wall, like the one behind the sofa, is a great choice if we want it to be one of the protagonists of the space.

It will provide originality, elegance and above all, that boho chic touch that we are looking for.



Plain patterned wallpapers


boho interior design


More minimalist designs but at the same time, complementary to the colors and elements that we have probably already included in the space.

In this way, we avoid overloading the environment with too many points of attention, but we add one more point of light to the project centered on one of the project’s walls.


boho interior design

Pointing things out – MU12080

Birds wallcoverings



Some birds wallpapers, when intermingled with trees and flowers, seem to give the space a life of its own.

From Muance we believe that this category of wallpaper is one of the most important to consider if the project you have in mind is boho, since it meets all the requirements that this style seeks: mix, stories and nature.



Muance: Modern and luxury wallpapers


If after seeing these examples you are clear that in your projects we must be present, you just have to contact us.

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