There are a few aspects to having a beautiful home that need to be overlooked and one of those can be relentlessly forgotten, we’re talking about a staggering and jaw dropping bedroom!

For most people a bedroom has to be a place of ease, with not a lot “hussle and bussle” like we normally want to see in other rooms because you essentially have to come to peace after a long days work.

And yes, we absolutly agree with this thought but it doesn’t mean your bedroom has to be dull and boring. So here at Muance we would like to show you some tips and idea’s for a “kick ass” suite using wallpaper for bedroom. (excuse our French).

Ideas and tips for wallpaper for bedroom

So there are two situations you can work from:

• Situation A: Partial revamp, with just some touchs-up and a bit of new wallpaper.

Situation B: Complete revamp, with a totally new roomsetup and new wallpaper.

Situation A: Partial bedroom revamp

Here you need to look at what you’ve already got and what colors you are using, otherwise you may have some small regrets if you decide to go with bold wallpaper that absolutly clashes with your current color scheme.

Look at feature colors that are already present, which generally are darker colors (not always) and work around that.

If you have more lighter feature colors than dark, go for a light wallpaper and if you have more darker feature colors than light, go for a darker wallpaper.

Try to pick a wallpaper that already has certain colors available in the design that can be found in the fabrics or ornaments that you use. If you are really struggeling, our design department can edit the colors of our wallpapers.

Situation B: Complete bedroom revamp

If you are going to do a complete revamp of your bedroom, it would be best that you start out with a moodboard. This could just be a small piece of plywood or what ever you can find to stick things on.

Use tape or a stapelgun to add the fabrics, pinterest print-outs (interior inspiration) and use a glue gun if you need to add actual floor samples or Muance wallpaper samples.

You can also paint colors on the board that you feel would be great to use in your room. All in all it will give you a great idea in which direction you need to be heading to create a awesome bedroom.

Remember too, don’t be afraid to go bold if you’re completely doing a revamp, that’s the fun part to it!

General tips for picking a suitable Muance’s wallpaper for bedroom:

  • Look at our “catagories” pages to narrow down the style that suites you.
  • Do you like texture, or do you prefer matt finishes? Choose the material that suites you best. Order a sample from your nearest shop. This will give you a nice indication to when it comes to colors. Cut-out a piece of the sample and stick it on your moodbood.
  • Generally the wall behind your bed is seen as the “feature” wall, when wallpapering this wall it’s a good idea to go for the bold designs.

Here are few examples:

Ofcourse, this is not always the case and you are more than welcome to use patterns or plain textures behind your bed.

  • Other walls are normally used for patterened wallpaper, so it’s possible to use a few of these options if you like.

A few different idea’s from actual client installations:

As you can see here above, most the clients that installed Muance murals in a bedroom scene, chose a bold design to compliment there feature wall and the designs where mainly florals or nature themed wallpapers.

This is basically the way to work if you want to come home and sleep in a fantastic, outspoken bedroom yet not feel to gittery because it’s overall just to busy for you.

So there you have it! A few of our tips a tricks to start off with you new bedroom makeover! Whether you are doing a partial revamp or a full on bedroom make-over, make sure to pick some awesome Muance wallpapers to help you on your way!

After all, it’s the easiest way to get great result! Have fun! and let’s us know how it went!



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