Before deciding the model of wallpaper for the beach house, we will have to take into account two preliminary questions: when is the appropriate time to wallpaper a beach house and which is the most suitable type of paper for it.

Best time to wallpaper a beach house

Knowing that beach places have a high degree of humidity, and that humidity is not the most appropriate to proceed with wallpapering a house, we are going to try to find the most suitable annual time to proceed with the wallpapering of your beach house.

The coastal areas reach the highest humidity value in summer, to the high air temperatures, the heat emanating from the sea is added, which makes evaporation higher than in other seasons, and, due to all these factors, humidity is much higher.

Therefore, the least suitable time of year to wallpaper your beach house is summer, both due to the humidity of the environment and your own discomfort when performing the task, from then on, and according to our availability, we can choose when to wallpaper.

The most suitable type of paper to wallpaper a beach house

Another matter of great importance is choosing the most suitable type of wallpaper, considering the humidity conditions of a house on the beach.

The most suitable wallpaper for your beach house is TNT wallpaper, due to the characteristics that have made it a favourite in the sector since the “90s”: It is breathable, it has a high resistance to the formation of mold and it has fungicidal properties. It’s also lightfast, doesn’t require soaking time, and is easy to peel off.

Designs for beach house

We offer you some tips for wallpapering your beach house according to the stay:


For this area of ​​your beach house, we recommend paper that represents plant patterns, birds, or marine themes. In addition, the blue tones provide a sweet sensation of peace and quiet that invites rest after a long day.

wallpaper or paint


Plant motifs or marine themes, and aquamarine colours evoke patterns related to water, creating an oasis of beauty and harmony that will make your bathroom a center of relaxation.


Living room

From plant patterns to abstract themes, passing through the optical illusion of volumes, this room will be the ideal place for family reunions and screenings of cult films.

modern interior designedition 3 - Amber MU13085-Winton LinesMU12082

Children’s rooms

Children enjoy wallpapers with animals or birds. A seabed would be ideal for your children’s room in your beach house. It would help create a calm environment ideal for dreams of fantastic adventures in these settings.

Maritime colours for a beach house

If you prefer an abstract or volume design, you can play with colours associated with the sea in your beach house wallpaper. Blue is the colour traditionally associated with it, but it is not the only one:


The colour blue, in all its shades, is associated with the sea. It has a calming effect, which makes it ideal for decorating bedrooms. It also lifts your spirits. A room decorated in light blue tones seems larger, and in darker tones, it gains depth.


Red is the classic colour of lighthouses, inherent in any beach environment. It is also the colour of love and passion. It is a very stimulating colour if combined with blue and white.


It is the colour of clarity, purity and freshness. It is a neutral colour that adapts perfectly to the maritime or Mediterranean style. In Greece and Spain, white and strong blue are always present in the houses.


On the most beautiful beaches on the planet, the turquoise or aquamarine sea contrasts with impressive white or black beaches. It is a considerably stimulating colour that relaxes tired minds and increases creativity. A simple turquoise wallpaper gives the room a Mediterranean touch.


The position and strength of the sun can make the sea shine with green tones, caused by the marine flora. This colour evokes precious stones such as green jade or green emerald. It connects us with nature, the landscape, growth and renewal.


Neutral grey, in its light and faded shades, is optimal for nautical or maritime pattern designs. It makes blue, green and red twice as bright, it also produces a delicate and elegant contrast.


If you want to see examples of wallpaper for the beach house, you can be inspired in our blog and social media. Where to the traditional maritime patterns, textures, shapes and volumes and plant themes are added; so that your beach house is not monothematic.

You can also visit our website to choose from a wide range of TNT wallpapers. Surely one suits your beach house and your personal tastes!