It is evident that each time, both in the case of people with their homes, such as people in restaurants, hotels or shops, the interest in interior design, decoration and attention to detail increases faster and faster. Wallpaper in modern interior design is in fact one of the elements that we judge the hardest because, if not chosen correctly, it can give a totally wrong image of the space.

That is why today we want to talk about how the choice of wallpaper influences modern interior design, when it is a good choice and in which places this very useful element fits.


Why choose wallpaper


Including wallpaper in a modern interior design project can be a success, especially if the interior changes are recurrent. This can be the example of a house whose owner likes to make several changes of environment in a short time; although we can also refer to commercial premises, such as a clothing store where the decoration is changed with each season.

Another important reason is that a wallpaper will always add depth to the space, as well as a special touch of originality, especially in the case of patterned wallpapers.

We especially recommend flowery wallpapers or those inspired by exotic worlds.


wallpaper modern interior design


What does wallpaper contribute to spaces?





All wallpapers add depth and style to spaces. In general, patterns, colors and even fabrics create an effect of increasing space or at least a clear point of attention. Therefore, it is interesting to think about evaluating wallpapers for projects with small spaces.




Is it common to see murals painted with perfect images? Maybe in the Renaissance era, but the truth is that now it is difficult to see works of art captured on the walls made in a traditional way.

If we are interested in involving these types of wonders in a project, wallpaper makes it really easy for us.


wallpaper modern interior design




For dark-colored environments or rooms where light does not fill the space, using a wallpaper with light colors or floral motifs, for example, can give us that touch of luminosity that we always find so necessary.


Easy cleaning


If in the space we know that there will be children, animals, or simply a significant movement of people such as in a restaurant, a hotel or a store, it is crucial to be able to keep our walls clean.

Of course, a washable paint can always be used, but sometimes this is not enough. In the case of wallpaper, if we choose the correct materials, with a cloth and water we can easily remove the stains produced by rubbing or by supporting ourselves with our hands.


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