Now that we spend much more time in our homes, it is not surprising that we look for our corner, our space in which to be calm and at ease. A space to spend our free time or even to create our office. For this, each element is important: furniture, curtains, rugs and, of course, our walls. In this post we will see some of the best wallpapers patterns for bedrooms, so that you can apply them in your projects for hotels or private homes.

Nature, colors and sensations

When we talk about wallpapers for bedrooms, it is true that we must create an environment consistent to some extent with the rest of the place.

However, for this type of room, this time we are going to focus on wallpapers where nature and color are the protagonists.

Let’s create a joyful and truly inspiring space.

The best wallpaper patterns for bedrooms

Birds wallpapers patterns for bedrooms

Using wallpapers where elements as dynamic as birds are present, give us a touch of joy, freedom and fantasy, ideal for a room as important as the bedroom.

In the case of our Eden of Bliss wallpaper from our Cobalt edition, we enter a world full of life, really interesting to combine with bright tones and minimalist styles. This could be one of the best wallpapers patterns for bedrooms of this category.

The best wallpaper patterns for bedrooms

Within this same category, we can talk about the Sense of Truth wallpaper, which delights us with those branches full of colorful sparrows.

In this case, we have the feeling of having a point of light and life on the wall, ideal to combine with blue or yellow tones.

The best wallpaper patterns for bedrooms

Trees wallpapers patterns for sauvage bedrooms

Let’s travel to distant lands and stay there while we sleep.

The Galaxy Nights wallpaper of our Violet Edition presents us a whole universe, with that tree so typical of the African savannah presiding over the wall.

The best wallpaper patterns for bedrooms

If we continue to travel through these remote lands, we will find new worlds and creatures as special as the chimpanzee in our Horizons Echo wallpaper.

The best wallpaper patterns for bedrooms

Tropical wallpapers for bedrooms

Also ideal for creating a perfect environment in bedrooms, we present our category of tropical wallpapers, dominated by cheerful patterns and colors, with shades of gold, green and pink.

Design your project

Now you have seen the best wallpapers patterns for bedroom, from Muance we want to be part of the projects you have in mind for this year, adding our touch to each of the bedrooms you create.

Ideal for hotels, tourist apartments or even private homes, our wallpapers add a modern and luxurious touch to places, leaving behind the flat and conventional designs.

If you want to receive samples or obtain information about our prices, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on the ones you need.