You probably think you know what Scandinavian style is because you’ve visited Ikea at some point in your life but we can asure you that there is way more than that. We will talk about it and show you different Scandinavian design wallpapers that can fit perfectly in your projects. Let’s dive in, shall we?


1. What is the Scandinavian Design?


Scandinavian design bedroom

Scandinavian style by Minh Pham on Unsplash

First things first, what we mean by Scandinavian design? In this context, Scandinavia if composed by the northern European countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway). The design there is known by its minimalism and functionality. They only use what they need. The harsh climate conditions of those countries made necesary that the products were functional and this is the very base of that Style.

Rooms designed following this style usually have this elements: white walls, large windows without any treatment, neutral-heavy palette with pops of color, wood floors, modern furniture, minimalist decor, natural textures, and simple layouts that maximize the light streaming and focus on the functionality over the aesthetics










2. The origin of Scandinavian Design

The origin of the nordic design takes place between the two world wars. One clear point of reference is the Stockholm Exhibition (1930). A Design event held in order to let the local designers to show their industrially manufactured pieces. Of course that was against the current mindset that defended that the scandinavian style furniture needed to be handcrafted.

stockholm exhibition 1930The goal was to combine the best of both worlds. On one hand the use of local materials such as Wood and ,on the other hand, take advantage of the industrial technology available at the moment to manufacture the furniture efficiently. They aimed to create cozy, happy and bright enviornments.

Then, in the 50’s, many designers like Jacobsen gained international aknowledgement, increasing the popularity of the scandinavian style by mixing the most vanguardist trends with the nordic tradition.

A few years later, between the 60’s and the 70’s Those designers began to introduce new materials like plastic or resin into their designs.







3. What are the main elements that define the Scandinavian Design?

  • Neutral colours: Using a neutral palette to maintain a relaxed feeling in the spaces and increase the contrast between the elements.
    Light abundancy: In the northern countries of Europe the winters are long and they lack natural light so they make huge efforts to take advantage of every sun ray they can. Elements like big Windows, clear walls and reflectant surfaces mak it posible.
    Woods floors: Natural Wood floors feel good and warm if you like to walk barefoot and they help to maintain a natural and relaxed vibe.
  • Love for nature: The use of natural materials like leather, fur, Wood, wool, cotton… are very extended in the scandinavian design. With them, they can give a cozy sense while respecting the enviornment.
  • Scandinavian furniture: Minimalistic design, simple lines, functionality and the use of natural materials are the main traits of the scandinavian furniture. Those traits make them fit perfectly into almost every style.
  • Functionality: Maximizing the different uses of the available space and ensuring the best space distribution.


Scandinavian design kitchen

Scandinavian style by Watermark Designs on Unsplash



4. Scandinavian Design Wallpapers to fit into your projects

In our catallogue you may find different Scandinavian Design Wallpapers with different colours that can fit perfectly in Scandinavian spaces. However, in this occasion, we highlight two of them

Both murals have a neutral colour palette. They are both good options if we are looking for a scandinavian design wallpaper that can fit in bright spaces, specially with clear wooden floor. In “Crust” we see a White-brick-wall that complements perfectly a luminous Scandinavian design while “Beyond the line” give us the feeling of a clear texture that combine perfectly with wooden furniture.

We hope you liked the post and, remember, Scandinavian design its more than just IKEA furniture, its a susteinable style that fits perfectly in almoste every space. If you are a professional looking for inspiration check out our new collection



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