Are you looking for a state of peace and tranquility? The pandemic has made us look at the inside of our homes with different eyes. By spending more time within the same walls, we have understood the true value of well-being. It is now that we really feel the need to adapt the space to our needs. For this reason, Muance brings you  pastel wallpapers.


Our pastel wallpapers try to break away from the conventional idea of sweet and cloying colors to respond to this need to bring calm and serenity. Nature has had a lot to do, the fact of not being able to go out to breathe fresh air and walk through forests, meadows or beaches, has forced us to find a way to have it inside the house.

The result of this special connection between nature and our well-being are these wallpapers that maintain a balance in their designs with neutral colors. Faced with this new way of living to which we have had to adapt, we have noticed that the way we decorate our rooms and living rooms has an impact on us. That is why we have thought about the colors and details of each of these wallpapers to create delicate and calm atmospheres in every home.

modern interior design


Although we associate these colors with macarons, cupcakes or cotton candy, our pastel colors are far from the sweetest, they are characterized by their warmth and neutrality.  They are elegant colors that work perfectly in the interior of any home. Combined with atmospheric designs, they help to achieve a cozy feeling.

You can achieve the pastel “look” by focusing it only on the walls and play in neutral tones with the rest of the environment or introduce as a complement some decorative element of materials that come from nature such as wood, stone, marble or some plants.

Coral on the wall – MU13094


A wall with a pastel wallpaper is still a statement of comfort. It asks to leave stress and anxiety outside the door to enter a dreamy space. A space where we go to rest and feel safe. This is where most of our personal intimacy takes place, that is why, beyond the aesthetic aspect, we must choose a wallpaper that gives us this feeling.

Light is another factor that endows these wallpapers being another key point to fill our home with good energy. Lighting allows us to transmit sensations and even add color and intensity to the location. In addition, it gives that effect of breadth and depth to the space. Therefore, it is important to have wallpaper that illuminates the home to get that feeling of warmth without natural light.

And there is nothing better than being relaxed at night on the couch, or in the bedroom, watching the series or reading the book you like with lighting that comes from the environment. With these pastel wallpapers, the walls of your home will become your favorite landscape, the place where your new memories will grow and your insurance.

edition 3 - Amber Patina Gold - MU13037

Patina Gold – MU13037

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