Giving your home a makeover is always a tempting idea. Wallpaper can be used to give a theme to your living room or bedroom, either through colors or prints. The goal is to give a more original aesthetic to your spaces.In the world of interior design there are some trends in terms of modern wallpaper designs.

When we decide to renovate the house, we change the furniture, or we move them. We can buy some objects to decorate or we can even change the colour of a painted wall. But there is another thing we can do, and that is to use wallpaper as a decorative solution. Probably one of the best benefit from doing this is the easy installation of the wallpaper. Wallpapers can be removed easily, if we get tired of them at any time. Another benefit is their durability. If you invest in a good wallpaper, you will realize that their colours remain firm for a long time. Our wallpapers are made with high quality materials and stick very well to the walls. In other words, a modern and stylish wallpaper can renew the atmosphere of your space by itself. Let’s take a look at these two examples of modern design wallpapers that can change the atmosphere completely.


Modern Scandinavian interior paper design. 

This is a minimalist design, without a lot of furniture or very flashy elements. Regarding the colour we chose a neutral chromatic range: white, gray and brown are the main tones of the space. This design fits perfectly in spaces where we already have another elements with intense tones like paintings or carpets.


Our wallpapers “Cherry flight” or “Overwatch” can be used in modern Scandinavian design interiors with simple prints, elegant symbols and that aseptic environment where everything seems to be planned.



Wallpaper Africa: the modernity of a complex continent of jungle and desert

African greatness is reflected in these design. This is our representation of a pure and wild land. A diamond to be polished. Full of exotic regions and impossible landscapes. This authentic and wild touch of Africa is frequently chosen by people to decorate their homes giving them an exotic vibe.


The name “Ubuntu”s honours the South African philosophy. In Zulu it means that a person is a person because of others. Loyalty, solidarity and the common good are what this modern wallpaper design with deep African roots tries to reflect. Another example is the African-inspired wallpaper Cosmic Wonder, a truly cosmic wonder, where jungle animals like the elephant merge with a large trunk supporting a green carpet of trees.



If these modern wallpaper designs are not enough for you, at Muance we have many more designs. Check out our Violet and our Amber Edition.

Muance modifies your environment with our modern and luxury design wallpaper. Ideas are changing and we have to get out of our comfort zone where everything is planned and innovate, first of all, in our own home. Contact Muance and ask for a quote for any of our murals and samples.


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