When it comes to interior design, you can use many decorative details to create elegant and sophisticated spaces. In this post we are going to discover how to get a luxurious interior without spending your whole Budget. The fact is that giving your home that distinguished touch is easyer than you thought. The question then is, How can we create a luxurious and stylish atmosphere without spending all our savings?


Sometimes all it takes to reflect a lifestyle is a little glamour, that’s when our wallpapers come into play. Wherever they are used (homes, hotels or exclusive restaurants) luxury wallpapers always create an ambience of quality. Depending on your vision, you can take two different approaches: minimalist or maximalist designs. Minimalist designs limit the number of elements you can use, but combining them with neutral furniture made of noble materials will give you a subtle and elegant result. On the other hand, if you like exuberance, maximalist designs are for you. They are meant to reflect abundance.


There are certain colors that are associated with luxury. For example, gold is the quintessential color that represents the idea of opulence. This is because gold is one of the most precious metals. Another one is Silver, wich represents the color of the moon and can be used in luxorious designs transmitting elegance in a calm and gentle way. Blue represents nobility and majesty. Dark blue is one of the best color choices for a glamorous effect. Red and burgundy, are also associated with power (for example is used frequently in the robes and crowns of emperors and kings). Green reflects precious stones such as emeralds and sapphires, giving the murals a certain balance. Finally, there is black, representing elegant, minimalist yet bold luxury. The combination of Black and gold or silver is widely used to give produts a special and elegant touch.

Now you have an idea of which colors you can use to give your home a luxurious effect. Wrapping up: first, you should think about which style suits you best, second, what colors convey the best energy to your space (home, hotel or restaurant). And third, think about what kind of furniture and accessories you are looking for to create a harmonious and elegant space.

There are other important things to take into consideration when designing your space like the proper use of light but that is a whole new topic. Take your time to design an attractive and functional composition. It is all about finding the pieces and making them fit together in order to create a relaxed and comfortable space.

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