The decoration of a hotel room is a detailed and careful process, since the main objective is to make this bedroom a special, charming and welcoming place.

And today, we want to address ourselves mainly to those people who are in charge of a hotel, or likewise, to those professionals who are in charge of carrying out the decoration and interior design of hotels and other types of accommodation.

Because, how many times has it happened to us that we arrived at a hotel and fell in love with the room? At Muance, we believe that this feeling is essential to attract new customers, but above all, to retain the ones we already have and make them visit us again.

Depending on the type of hotel we are talking about, we must, logically, look for a consistent style, but one that is elegant, cozy and, why not? Breaker.

Elements to decorate your hotel room

  • Style. This pattern will be key when choosing the rest of the elements that will be part of the room.
  • Brightness. Place your light points well, both natural and artificial. Remember that light is an element that will actively influence the guest’s mood.
  • Comfort. The most interesting thing about a hotel room is that it is comfortable to sleep, to shower or even to work. Choose your furniture, bed and accessories well to create a feeling of well-being in your guests.
  • Personality. Provide originality and personalize the space. Why not forget the smooth walls and then dare to use wallpapers?

Wallpaper for hotel room decoration

Among the issues to take into account when decorating a hotel room, the color and style of the walls can be a key and differentiating point.

Muance offers a variety of hotel room wallpapers that will undoubtedly have incredible effects on clients, including multiple sensations of warmth, modernity, elegance and style.

Industrial effect wallpapers

If what we are looking for is a hotel inspired by the New York style, Muance’s Concrete effect wallpapers offer us an industrial touch that will undoubtedly provide the desired effect in our hotel room.

Exposed brick or cement are just some of the proposals that come from the hand of Muance.

Concrete Wallpaper
Concrete Wallpaper

Flowery style wallpapers

Bohemian hotels, surrounded by art and flowers… We can achieve that distinguished atmosphere with Muance’s flowery wallpapers.

We propose you wallpapers with floral motifs or famous works of art embodied inspired by the Italian Renaissance.

Flowery Wallpaper
Flowery Wallpaper

Stripe wallpapers

If what we are looking for is a modern and avant-garde effect, stripes wallpapers can help us achieve it.

In the case of Muance, we bet on wallpapers that combine lines with other geometric shapes and colors, which differentiates our wallpapers from the rest.

stripe wallpaper
stripe wallpaper

Muance in Hotels

Finally, to give you a clear example of what we are talking about, check our project at Lo Hotel del Poblet (Clot del Delta, Barcelona)

Now that you’ve seen a little more about how to incorporate wallpaper into a hotel room project, we invite you to see our variety of wallpapers. If any of them fits your idea, contact us!



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