Sometimes, when we have to explain to our client how to paste wallpaper on the walls, it can be somewhat complicated and it can even be a problem when making them choose that option to give that special touch to the space, thus opting for painting or other decoration methods.

To do this, we leave you in this post how to paste the Muance wallpaper on the wall, step by step and with some very clear illustrations, so that you can easily explain it to your clients!

Keep reading and and take a look at the illustrations at the end. It will be very easy!

Step 1: Imagine the wallpaper

Take your time to orient yourself, both you and the wallpaper.

Make a mental scheme of how it should look roughly so that you can translate the idea as well as possible.

Then, unroll the wallpaper on a flat and clean surface.

IMPORTANT: Now you have to pay attention to the numbers that appear at the top of the wallpaper. You have to put them in order!

Step 2: The wall is important too

The wall must be completely flat, clean and dry. Levels rough surfaces,
rough, holes and uneven spots.

Your wall should be a uniform color. If not, you may notice differences
in color on your wall once installed. If ithas multiple colors, we
recommend that you paint again.

Make a vertical line with a plumb line on the left edge of the area you want to cover with the mural. If you have a plumb, one can make your own by tying a heavy object on the end of a rope. This line is very important because it is the guide to start placing your mural.

Step 3: Let’s paste it!

You will have to apply g glue on the wall evenly using a brush or a paint roller. Start distributing from the line you marked as a guide to the plummet. Don’t paste the entire wall, do it only in the area that will cover the first panel on the left, leaving a few inches outside the right.
Now, apply the first panel of the mural on the wall starting at the top left.

IMPORTANT: Check that is aligned with the guide.

Press against the paper with a dry roller or sponge to remove any air
bubbles. Bubbles can totally ruin the look and shape of our wallpaper!

Place the following panels in the same way in numerical order. The panels
must not be mounted on each other but are set on edge.

Step 4: Clean, adjust and dry

Now, clean the excess glue with a damp sponge. Don’t leave any glue residue, they can be quite unpleasant …

With the help of a ruler and a cutter, adjust the sides and the top and bottom of the wall if necessary.

Let the wall dry for 24 hours; you will get a perfect final result.

Step 5: Enjoy it!

Now that you know how to paste the wallpaper on the walls, explain it to your clients so they can enjoy the new environment that they have created. In this case, we do it with the Veni Vidi Amavi mural from our Cobalt Collection.

These same explanations can be found at the end of our Muance catalogs, which we can send you along with some samples if you ask us through this contact form.

Muance is a wallpaper design brand aimed primarily at professionals such as interior designers, designers, architects or industry studios.

Do not hesitate to write us if you need more information to create incredible spaces in your projects.



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