At this point we all have Heard the term “Eclectic” applied to a lot of subjects. Usually by “Eclectic design” we mean a mix of all things, a space without order. Is that even true? Are we using the term “Eclectic”correctly? Does Eclectic means the same as “Bohemian”? How can we know if we are standing in a Eclectic-designed room? Keep on Reading, in this post we are going to talk about Eclectic Design, what it really means and how can we apply it to a room.

1. What it really means eclectic design?

Apartment Therapy, a home and decor site, designed to inspire anyone to live a more beautiful and happy life at home., describes eclectic as a ”popular adjective in interior design parlance, meaning a decor that comprises heterogeneous elements — a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors. There is a fine line, however, between a beautifully eclectic room and a room that is merely haphazard and chaotic, with no unifying themes or motifs“.

Other designer sites like agree with that definition and are more specific:

“….I would classify any interior featuring decorative elements from 3 or more diverse origins to be eclectic.  Meaning, a living room with contemporary furniture mixed with vintage accents and modern lighting qualifies as an eclectic interior.“

All of them agree at one point, only because some space mix different styles and elements does not mean that is Eclectic. A truly Eclectic Space must mix 3 or more styles and respect the 4 interior design elements: balance, rhythm, scale, and proportion.

While eclectic style seems to defy the rules, it actually is built on the foundation of good design.” – Gabby Home

2. Eclectic Vs Bohemian

Ok so what about Bohemian Style? Is the same thing? Sometimes these two terms are used altoguether and can be confusing. The Spruce, define Bohemian or Boho Style as “a rule-breaking, personal, and unconventional style of decorating a living space“. So, while Bohemian is an all-out style where you can fit anything, Eclectic does follow the principles of Good design.


Eclectic design

3. How can we create an Eclectic desing look?

At this point we understand what Eclectic Means and the difference between Eclectic and Boho. But how can we decorate a Space to make it feel Eclectic? Remember, eclectic doesn’t mean that you can mix a bunch of stuff and styles together. We need intention and consider everything when designing a space, even those few elements or principles:

  • Modern Artwork: It can be just about anything from dog portraits to simple sketches. Adding modern art in your space can turn it from a boring space into a trendy eclectic style.


  • No Symmetry: A Good interior design should have some balance, that applies to Eclectic style too, but balance don’t always mean symmetry. Instead of that, focus on asymmetry. When you look at a Eclectic room you must sense that every object has its own story that means something to you, you dont want to add matching furniture.


  • Color: It is recommended the use of two neutral colours as a backdrop and two accent colours around the space.Using your two accent colors is one way to get color unity. However, you can go against that and mix patterns with different colors and textures.


  • New vs Old Items: One of the key parts of an eclectic space is to mix old items with new ones but it has to be done right. You want to mix them while respecting the balance, rythm and scale of the space to minimize the contrast.


  • Adding rugs to the mix: Rugs are important in Eclectic design because they can be used for many different things like pulling toguether a room or divide it into different spaces. Just be sure to add a rug with the proper size to maintain balance and scale


  • Play with patterns: Use similar tones and colours throughtout your space, always keeping in mind your two core tones but dont hesitate to make combinations with colours that usually oppose one another.


  • …And with textures: Do the same thing with the textures – have fun and bring in different textures to make your eclectic home special.


  • Gallery wall: There is no better place to include a gallery wall than an eclectic living room. The combination of imatges, frames and colours fit the style perfectly. A gallery wall also allows you to create distinctive focal points. Choose different frame styles to complement the pieces of art you’re putting in them.


  • Mixing furniture styles: This is one of the most fun and easy way to create an eclectic space. Match different furniture design styles and mix old pieces with new ones.. You can take advantage of objects you already have in your home and contrast these with new pieces.


  • Don’t let it get messy: Remember to use caution. It is very easy for an Eclectic design to become messy and cluttered. Everything must have a place in the room and each piece should have its purpose. But how do you know where is the limit? If you aren’t sure take a step back and look at it from a different perspective.



4. Modern wallpapers for eclectic design spaces

When selecting a wallcovering to create a Eclectic space, we have two ways. One way consist on choosing a simple, neutral mural and focus on the furniture, rugs and other elements. Or, the option that we find more interesting, choosing a mural that fits with your core colour and has a unique and elegant design. We have different Options:

Clear and neutral designs:

  • MU12076-Shine down


Pattern Designs:







  • MU13004-Kyogo

eclectic design MU13004-Kyogo


5. Wrapping up

We love Eclectic design because it allows us to make impossible mixes and shows us that almost every piece can fit in. Eclectic interior design is all about showing your personality and telling your story. Have fun, experiment and let yourself free of those traditional interior design boundaries.

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