Today we would like to present our botanical wallpapers designs capable of creating a wide range of atmospheres: exotic, tropical, sensual, cheerful, stimulating or calming.

Discover our range of Botanical Wallpapers

Botanical wallpapers are a perfect solution to bring nature into your home. You can capture the beauty of beautiful landscapes from lush forests to tropical palm trees and introduce them to your walls adding colour and a sense of freshness to your home.

But first things first. Do you know what “botanical” means? Botany is the scientific discipline that deals with the description and classification of plants and their relationships with each other, with other organisms and with their environment. This wide universe gives us the possibility to play with a great variety of designs for our high quality murals.

If we think of a colour that represents the kingdom of flora, it is green. Obviously, it is a predominant colour with infinite shades and nuances, but it is not the only colour that can represent this style. Concepts and themes can also be represented with soft tones such as ochre, grey… or dark tones such as black.


Carlton Gardens – MU12034


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