Do you want a modern, sophisticated and at the same time comfortable kitchen? Kitchen wallpaper is the perfect solution for this. You will be able to give them a touch of glamor and style without much cost. ¡Beautiful and pleasant kitchens with our wallpapers!

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time throughout the day. Due to this intense use that we give to this space and how it is subject to stains, humidity, vapors and smoke from the stove, the walls play an important role in keeping our kitchen clean and shiny.

When we think about our kitchen wallpaper, first of all, we must choose the material. At Muance we have different materials suitable for this type of space. Design your perfect kitchen with our wallpapers.


Types of materials for kitchen wallpaper:

  • Textured vinyl: provides a range of bright colors. In addition, it is 100% antibacterial.
  • Metallic range: adds a metallic effect to your wall and gives a touch of glamor to your kitchen.
  • Non woven: it is an extremely durable material.

Decorating kitchens with wallpaper can be the ideal way to provide an authentic and modern style.

How should I apply kitchen wallpaper?


As in most cases in interior design, the midpoint is usually the key. Therefore, instead of wallpapering all the walls, we must choose one for it. Like this, we will be able to generate contrast without saturating the view.

In this case, we will try to avoid the walls where the sink or cooking area is located to reduce stains and splashes. You can put it in the breakfast area! But don’t limit yourself, our materials hold up and maintain their properties for a long period of time thanks to their quality and resistance.

Enter our website and discover beautiful wallpapers for your kitchen. Contact us and ask for our catalogs, where you will find a wide variety of designs. Get them and give a unique touch to your kitchen. ¡Your dreaming kitchen with our wallpapers!