New trends arrive to Muance with the third edition of murals. We can find very different styles in the new catalogue called Amber.

The new wallpaper collection offers a diverse range of modern, colourful and luxury designs which can be suited in most environments with the potential to inspire the eye of the beholder. In this post we will introduce the Amber edition giving ideas on how to combine these wallpapers according to the style and furniture of the room.



In this case, the goal we want to achieve is to transform a simple or minimalistic room into a  room with an exotical feeling using this kind of murals as the main element.

Inspired in marble, corals, birds, trees and leaves each of these murals has a unique meaning to transmit.

This palete of colours fit perfect with wood and light furniture, creating a calm and relaxing environment and at the same time giving to the space a potential mix between the minimal and basic and the modern and luxury style.



The most special designs created for the spaces which are looking for a distinctive mural. This murals have a story to tell and they are unforgetable.

Ubuntu comes back, a new edition of one of our best sellers with something new to tell.

Ubuntu Forest – MU13010

A story of an anthropologist who had been studying the habits and culture of a remote African tribe and was skoked about the message that the children give to him. Know the complete srtory in our catalogue.

This designs fit in any space wich wants to be memorable, could be combined with furniture with the same mural colous or with basic ones like a nude or black and white colour palete.  In this spaces, the main character will be the mural and the life you can feel in them.


In the opposite colour side we have the dark murals, which create a elegant and luxury space. This sophisticated murals are usually combined with dark wood and marble or light elements which increase the extravagance of the space.

In this new edition we have a lot of different motives in this tones, as the neutral ones. We can find wild elements, lines, natural inspiration, geometrical shapes and tropical leaves and trees.


Inspired in the natural life we continue with the nature and animals’ designs, with a lot of designs and tones we can feel the nature in our rooms with these murals.

Following the tropical category of murals, our new collection offers a lot of tropical wallpapers, most of them available in golden details.

On the other hand, the animals’ wallpapers are another must in the Muance Amber edition, since the sky until the deep ocean we have the most incredible wallpaper designs waiting to take place in incredible projects.

In this category you can use black and white furniture with golden details to create a chic atmosphere or give an extra colour point with velvet colour furniture according to the mural tones.

Zebra’s playground – MU13073


Depending on the furniture you combine with and the tones in which you choose the mural you can go in different ways: a luxury space or a relaxed space. This kind of murals have the capacity of be stylish both in an elegant home office and in a child room, being very adaptable changing the furniture and decoration.

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