Most design trends which are coming for this 2022 have born because of the pandemic. This time at home have teach us to appreciate the place where we took time with our family, working, cooking, or staying with ourselves.

1.      Rounded shapes and designs


This trend applies to all: furniture, deco, lamps, mirrors and wallpapers. The rounded shapes add to the spaces a luxury and modern style and at the same time create a homely and warm atmosphere.

The rounded shape in furniture comes with velvet fabrics in all colours and metallic details, most of all in golden colour.

In the case of lamps, the metallic is the main character too and they are a important part of the room decoration being a usable object all at once.


2.      Basic colours


The colours are the most personal election in each house, depending on the personality. Even though the personality, the trend of the basic colours is increasing because the idea of not being bored of some fashion or colour trends, applying them only in the little decoration, not in all the design.



3.      Minimalism trend


Following the trend of the basic colours, in this capitalism time appears the minimal trend, which is based in having only the necessary things with the fact that “less is more”.

This trend applies to all factors in life and the design is one of them. The furniture and decoration are simple and useful, trying to avoid the unnecessary deco and changing them for a helpful one like lamps, plants or deco which don’t take up any space like wallpaper, mirrors, pictures, and carpets.


4.      Natural inspiration


The plants are and will be a trend I all their ways: natural plants, artificial plants, in pictures, and drawn in the furniture, bed clothes and wallpapers.

The trend of the plants follows the natural al basic colours, but we can find them in colourful bouquets giving the colour touch to the basic colour’s spaces.

5.      Flexible spaces with wallpapers


A lot of people have changed the way to work due to the pandemic, so they have needed to be working from home and a space to do it separated from the home life.

This trend of the wallpaper started some years ago and in 2022 it will be even more strong. The possibility to separate the spaces with the different designs in the walls open a new world in the open spaces, which are increasing both in the house living and in the working one.




Now you know more about the design trends for 2022. In Muance all the designs are adapted to the modern trends, take a look to our last collection Amber and find the newest murals.

Do not hesitate to contact us or you can even register in our area for professionals to obtain advantages such as samples and all the data of our wallpapers and available materials.



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