Do you miss the countryside in your cosmopolitan life? Your house is the ideal place to turn it into that cozy space that reminds you of that home in the mountains that you miss so much. There are many natural wallcoverings, but there is none better than wooden wallpapers to make you feel that homey warmth when you enter the house after the cold of the mountains.


The smell of burning wood, the warmth of the fire, hearing the wood crackle… all those things that envelop you in a state of peace and tranquility are possible in the middle of the city. Our collection of wooden wallpapers will give your home that rustic and familiar character that will make you feel like you are in touch with nature. What’s more, when you run your hand along the wall you will be teleported back to that moment when you first touched the wood. The realistic texture of our distinguished and elegant wood-imitating wallpapers will make it possible. Plus, you’ll have some of the advantages of not having wood, such as maintenance and fading over time.


If you are one of those people who are overwhelmed by the city and love nature, but feel trapped in an outdated rural world, we have the solution to regain that special magic of being surrounded by trees, flowers, rivers, fresh air … You will reconnect with that part of you that loves to see through the window those landscapes that evade for a few seconds of all reality. Decoration is key, that’s why we bring this collection of wooden wallpapers based on natural wallcoverings to not lose the essence of the place.


All details matter and the goal of achieving a rustic home is to transport people that serenity that escapes between the stress that the city brings or the imbalance between your home and nature. It is fascinating how just with an element like wallpaper your feelings change completely.  You can put it in any room, in your living room, bedroom or even in professional spaces such as waiting rooms, offices or restaurants. It will be your perfect ally because of its resistance and ease of installation.

wooden wallpaper

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