The walls of your home can be very versatile, and despite being the best spectators of what happens every day of your life, they rarely have the prominence they deserve. You walk past them every day without paying them the slightest bit of attention, making them disappear of your memory. That’s not fair for them, don’t you think?. Take a look at what surrounds you. If you don’t feel a thing maybe is time to change things up. It’s important to create a cozy atmosphere and you can achieve this choosing between wallpaper or paint to bring your walls to life.


It is true that colours have a great power to connect with your mood, but a mural can make even a stronger connection. In most cases, both techniques coexist to achieve a design full of personality that matches your own. Wallpaper is a great ally to keep the flame burning in your home, hotel or restaurant as its designs provide more warmth and depth than what a simple wall can. Textures, patterns, effects, materials… wallpapers provide you with different options to play with the design. In contrast, with painting alone you can only deal with a limited spectrum of finishes such as matt or gloss.

edition 3 - Amber MU13088-Cranes in love

Isn’t it true that nobody wants to hear “I have the same colour in my dining room”?. Instead of that, If you used a mural to cover your walls, the question may change to “where is it from”. That’s a different thing!. There are thousands of colours, but people usually choose the same tones to cover their walls. With a wall mural, you get a unique, customised and different look with a very low probability that there is another neighbour with the same design as yours.

For an even more unique room, you can play combining the mural with exotic colours to create a truly unique living environment. Experiment with different colours and patterns until you find the mix that truly defines you. Try to match the background of the wallpaper to the paint you are using. Make sure it matches your furniture and doesn’t clash with your floor.

edition 3 - Amber MU13010-Ubuntu Forest

With so many designs and colour combinations to choose from, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to wallpaper to finish their walls and give their home a special touch. So, after reading all this, do you already know if you prefer wallpaper or painted walls? At Muance you can find quality wall murals, so ask us if you are thinking of renovating your walls in the near future.

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