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Pasting Guide

  • Take the time to orientate
  • Unpackage and unroll the wallpaper on a flat clean surface
  • Pay attention to each panel number on top of every panel, this must follow in sequence (panel 1,2,3,4 ect..)
  • Your wall must be completely flat, clean and dry. Levels rough surfaces, rough, holes and uneven spots.
  • Your wall should be a uniform color. If not, you may notice differences in color on your wall once installed. If your wall has multiple colors, we recommend that you paint again.
  • Make a vertical line with a plumb line on the left edge of the area you want to cover with the mural. If you have a plumb, one can make your own by tying a heavy object on the end of a rope. This line is very important because it is the guide to start placing your mural.
  • Applying glue on the wall evenly using a brush or a paint roller. Start distributing from the line you marked as a guide to the plummet. Don’t paste the entire wall, do it only in the area that will cover the first panel on the left, leaving a few inches outside the right.
  • Apply the first panel of the mural on the wall starting at the top left. Check that is aligned with the guide.
  • Press against the paper with a dry roller or sponge to remove any air bubbles.
  • Place the following panels in the same way in numerical order. The panels must not be mounted on each other but are set on edge.
  • Clean the excess glue with a damp sponge.
  • With the help of a ruler and a cutter, adjust the sides and the top and bottom of the wall if necessary.
  • Let the wall dry for 24 hours; you will get a perfect final result